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‘Chop Shop’ Premieres On Machinima



Directed by Elliott Lester, “CHOP SHOP” is packed with intense heists and white-knuckled car chases, based in the gritty streets of Los Angeles.  It follows the story of two professional car thieves who find their close friendship tested, and their loyalties pushed to the limit when one ultimately betrays the other.

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In the east LA neighborhood of Dogwood the only thing more important than who you know, is what you drive. The rules are protect your family, stay alive and drive fast. Especially after doing time in jail, Porter (Jon Bregar) wanted to protect his family and stay out of the world of crime and murder. However, on parole, bills pile up, good intentions disappear and desperation kicks in when all you have is washing dishes in a low level kitchen for the rest of your life to make ends meet.  Caine pursues Porter help and eagerly tries to get him to rejoin the gang. But when his family is threatened, Porter is faced with the ultimate choice – whether to put family before everything else.

Much in the vein of GRAND THEFT AUTO..CHOP SHOP is a gritty, high octane action show set in the world of the underground auto theft industry.




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