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Chef Jacqueline Pham Visits Carvery Kitchen


During her press tour in Los Angeles Chef Jacqueline stops by Carvery Kitchen. Chef Jacqueline stopped by Carvery Kitchen in Santa Monica during her September press tour. She heard about this new deli and had to try Chef Roman’s adaptation of the Banhi Mi.   At Carvery Kitchen , Chef Roman uses fresh ingredients daily and, makes his bread on the premises.

 Photo by Flo Dahm from Pexels

Bánh mì (/ˈbæn ˌm/Vietnamese pronunciation: [ɓǎɲ mî]) is a Vietnamese term for all kinds of bread. The word is derived from bánh and  (wheat). Bread, or more specifically the baguette, was introduced by the French during its colonial period.[1] The bread most commonly found in Vietnam is a single serving baguette, therefore the term bánh mì is synonymous with this type of bread. The bánh mì is usually more airy than its Western counterpart, with a thinner crust. It is sometimes metonymous with a food item known as a “Vietnamese sandwich” (or, in parts of the United States, as a “Vietnamese Po-boy[2]), for which the bánh mì serves as the bread wrapper. ( From Wikipedia)

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