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Barbra Streisand on El Rey Network 11/26 at 8pm ET




The iconic and legendary Barbra Streisand can do it all. A talented singer, award-winning actress, composer, author, activist and filmmaker, Barbra has paved the way for many women in Hollywood to follow in her footsteps. In a rare in-person interview, Barbra sits down with Robert Rodriguez to discuss her career behind the camera, her passion for film and her experience breaking through the barrier of Hollywood’s “boys club.” Be sure to tune-in to a new episode of “The Director’s Chair” on Monday, November 26 at 8pm ET to hear how Barbra transformed her strife into major success.


About The Director’s Chair

“The Director’s Chair” is a series of specials featuring the industry’s most cutting-edge directors as they engage in a revealing and unexpected exchange about the world of filmmaking. The series provides access to one-on-one interviews between Robert Rodriguez and some of cinema’s most iconic filmmakers. Past guests have included John Carpenter, Francis Ford Coppola, Michael Mann, George Miller, Guillermo del Toro, Robert Zemeckis and Quentin Tarantino.


About El Rey Network

El Rey Network is a Latinx-infused entertainment brand that revels in the courage, capacity, and creativity of ordinary people on extraordinary journeys.  Launched by maverick filmmaker Robert Rodriguez and run by Rodriguez and his artistic collective, El Rey Network develops and produces linear and digital programming as well as integrated branded entertainment offerings.  El Rey Network’s flagship is a 24-hour English-language entertainment and lifestyle cable channel that focuses a distinctly Latinx lens on popular culture. El Rey Network is jointly owned by Robert Rodriguez and FactoryMade with a minority stake held by Univision Networks & Studios, Inc.

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