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Review-Don’t Let Go


Finally, a movie comes along that did not make me nod off at a press screening. Kudos to the director/writer Jacob Estes for bringing a thrilling, exciting, tension-filled supernatural sci-fi film to the bring screen.

Jack Radcliff(played by David Oyelowo) is a Los Angeles detective who has a close, loving relationship with his niece Ashley(played by Storm Reid). He is her go-to guy when her parents can’t pick her up or too caught up in their issues to pay attention to her needs. When Ashley gets murdered, Jack is devastated and attempts to numb his emotional pain with alcohol.

Image Courtesy/Blumhouse Productions
Image Courtesy/Blumhouse Productions

One night as he revisits the crime scene, he discovers Ashley cell phone. When her phone rings, this is when things go straight down the rabbit hole of crazy. Jack thinks he has lost his mind. But when he realizes that he can communicate with Ashley weeks before her murder, Jack sets out to alter her past from his future. Yes, that’s right time travel, murder, and nail-biting suspense and from that point onwards nothing is as it seems.

Storm Reid brings in a stellar a performance playing Ashley a talented and vibrant teen showcasing her staying power as a young actress to watch. Along with David Oyelowo bringing such depth to his role as her loving Uncle showing us the power of love and loyalty for family.

Don’t Let Go’ is engaging in every frame. For a brief moment, I got slightly plot confused; but was pulled right back into the storyline which steadily headed to a climatic end.

Shot in Los Angeles, the cinematographer used the right tones of color, allowing us to feel the mood and intent of the characters.

Don’t Let Go is a Blumhouse Productions, Written and Directed by Jacob Estes. The film also stars Mykelti Williamson and Alfred Molina Byron.

For full cast and crew visit: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6803212/fullcredits?ref_=tt_ql_1

Don’t Let Go opens in Theaters Friday, August 30th, 2019.


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