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Interview With Rhyon Brown Star Of UNSEEN


 Writer/director Elizabeth Blake-Thomas’s UNSEEN starring Rhyon Nicole Brown(Fox’s Empire) and Isabella Blake-Thomas (Disney’s Secret Society of Second Born Royals, ABC’s Once Upon a Time) was released today on DigitalHD by Leomark Studios. Rhyon Brown and Isabella Blake-Thomas play best friends who come across what seems to be a modeling contest on social media. It is not.

UNSEEN is available at Amazon.com: https://amzn.to/2MhruRh and is free to watch online on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7KzrOmdwXGo , Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/365174275 , and on the filmmakers’ website Mother & Daughter Entertainment: https://www.motheranddaughterent.com/unseen

Elizabeth Blake-Thomas felt compelled to make a film about child trafficking, fame lures, and fake social media modeling contests with promises of fame and fortune to teenagers around the world, after hearing the story of a girl from Utah who was abducted and trafficked for five years before she escaped and returned to her family. The film is a cautionary tale about the dangers lurking on social media and follows the days leading up to, and of the disappearance of one of the best friends. It is age-appropriate for children, teens, and young adults who use social media, and it is non-graphic.

About Mother and Daughter Entertainment  
Our goal, spearheaded by two real-life mother-daughter duos, Elizabeth and Isabella Blake-Thomas, and Taryn Corbett-Kinney and Chandler Kinney, is to produce visual content that matters, resonating with viewers, regardless of genre, scale or platform. From creating the budgets to organizing and executing the shoot, to managing the multifaceted post-production process, we ensure our viewers will watch a seamless product from start to finish. Whether you are a distributor, a producer or an investor, don’t hesitate to contact us!

At Mother & Daughter Entertainment we love working with anyone that desires mentoring or shadowing experience in the film industry. We strive to make films that either have a social impact, initiate change or even just make you laugh. With our core team consisting of two real-life mother-daughter duos, we like to create projects that could be watched at either age or especially together. Elizabeth, Isabella, Taryn, and Chandler are all well-versed in the industry and truly are a family team.

About Leomark Studios
Leomark Studios is a Los Angeles-based film production and distribution company with a catalog of 200+ titles showing on every continent except Antarctica. We have direct distribution in North America on VOD, DVD, TV and in art-house theaters; and we’re actively seeking out new platforms here and abroad every day. 
Our founders, Erik Lundmark and Maria Collis, handpick every title and work closely with producers to come up with a tailored release strategy for each film, which can start as early as the concept stage. Erik and Maria bring creativity and innovation to the distribution process, always striving to stay ahead of changes in the market. As distributors and sales agents, we offer producers business savvy, insight, and honesty.
We look for high-quality pictures in all genres, and we welcome creative production partners.

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