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Home Entertainment News The PLATINO XCARET Awards Organization Creates The Platino Industria Market
The PLATINO XCARET Awards Organization Creates The Platino Industria Market

The PLATINO XCARET Awards Organization Creates The Platino Industria Market


Platino Industria will be held on May 1st-3rd, 2020 in the Barceló Maya Arena Convention Center, Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Over 300 producers and 700 professionals will participate with the goal of creating alliances and projects to promote the Ibero-American audio-visual culture.

Platino Industria was created to strengthen the Ibero-American audio-visual industry sector and its link with tourism and education.  It will be held May 1st-3rd within the framework of the 7th edition of the PLATINO XCARET Awards which will return to Mexico for the third consecutive year.   

The recently built Barceló Maya Arena Convention Center, within the Barceló Maya Grand Resort complex, will host the event as the official venue. Its main objective is to offer producers, directors, distributors, investors, filming commissions, and suppliers of film and audio-visual services a welcoming environment to generate business opportunities. 

The opening ceremony will be held on May 1st and will be attended by the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) and its Membership Director as well as the Government of Quintana Roo and the presidents of EGEDA  (Audio-visual Producers’ Rights Management Entity) and FIPCA (the Ibero-American Federation of Audio-visual Producers) who are organizers of the event. 

This initiative arose from the demand of audio-visual producers and other attendees to the 6 prior editions of the PLATINO XCARET Awards. The group represented over 2500 professionals which included about 100 associations of producers, over 1000 producers, distributors and exhibitors, and a large number of political and cultural institutional representatives.  Although over the years professional contacts and opportunities have arisen spontaneously around the awards shows, the professionals themselves have requested the formalization of an environment for business and interaction.  

 This year the proposal became a reality, taking shape as Platino Industria: an audio-visual, tourism and education meeting place. It will include the participation of the most important film and TV series production companies, public and private television channels, OTT (Over the top) platforms, sales agents, distributors and exhibitors from more than 30 countries. 

 Above all, these participants share the objective of broadly promoting Ibero-American culture.  Platino Industria will deal with the most current issues in the audio-visual industry and its connection with tourism and education through conferences, meetings, and workshops where solutions will be given to the problems faced by production, distribution, exhibition, and programming of films and TV series. And what´s more important: the opening of this special market area encourages promotion of productions and services related to the audio-visual, tourism, and education sectors.  

 During the event, UNWTO will hold its Member Affiliates Conference focused mainly on audio-visual tourism. In addition, educational centers and universities interested in the enormous amount of audio-visual content that the Ibero-American region offers may attend the event. 300 accredited journalists will also be present, taking advantage of the synergies offered by the PLATINO XCARET award show.  

 Platino Industria is the result of the collaboration of EGEDA, FIPCA, the Government of Quintana Roo, the World Tourism Organization, the Barceló Group, and other tour operators in the region as well as the support from Canacine (the Mexican National Chamber of the Film Industry).   

This market and meeting point will conclude with a grand finale gala, the 7th edition of the PLATINO XCARET Awards, May 3rd in the Gran Tlachco Xcaret theatre. The show will broadcast live through TNT (Time Warner Media) in the Latin American region and various free-to-view television channels in different Ibero-American countries. 

About the Ibero-American audio-visual market and the PLATINO XCARET Awards: The Ibero-American audio-visual industry has reported a constant growth over the last few years. It currently includes about 19,000 film screens, with over 650 million potential viewers. The sixth edition of the Platino Awards had a media impact value estimated at 110 million US dollars (data supplied by Kantar Media and Barlovento Comunicación), generating an EAV (Equivalent Advertising Value) of 71 million dollars for the Riviera Maya. The more than 300 journalists attending the PLATINO XCARET Awards ceremony contributed to generating over 113,000 news items during the 2019 edition and disseminating Ibero-American audio-visual culture worldwide.

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