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Dominic Pace Stars As Gyp Dicarlo In Jersey Boys


Hot Out Of The Actors’ Strike From 2023, We Caught Up With Dominic Pace To Discuss His Upcoming Appearances, Along With Life Outside Of Entertainment

Dominic Pace talks about family and honoring his Mother’s memory with his performance in Jersey Boys

Q-Our condolences on the passing of your Mother last month. How has your loss affected your life and career since then?

A-My main focus has been on my two sons Dante (18) and Benett (15).. not only for the past 18 years, but over the past year, I’ve had a stronger focus in putting any of my aspirations to the side and returning to full-time work so they can start their lives debt free after College. 

I had told my agent that I only wanted major Guest Starring roles, or something very specific as I’ve been enjoying a steady salary after almost 20 years of not knowing what each week will bring. As my mother’s cancer was getting worse in the New Year, I received an email from my Agent as she wanted to pitch me for the Musical Jersey Boys

(Dominic with his mother and two sons, Dante and Benett) 

My mother always had a love for Musicals. To brighten her mood, I told her I accepted the audition and wanted to book it for her. She passed away before I booked the role, but I still feel her presence with me, and I know she’ll be with me next month when the show goes up at La Mirada Theater in Los Angeles.

Q-Tell us about your only sibling, Dina Pace Shackelford who also is involved in Production. 

A-I left New York in 1998 to pursue Acting in Los Angeles. My sister has had a successful career as a Producer but also an incredible presence in assisting our Grandparents when they were alive, along with my Mother. I tried to get back as much as I could to assist her with my mother’s treatments, but it would never compare to her sacrifice of time for our family. I am forever grateful to her for so much. I know our Grandparents and Mother will be with us always.

Q- In Jersey Boys, you Star as Gyp DiCarlo, a Mob Boss who had his hand in helping The Four Seasons to fame. In reality, or in preparing for the role, can you connect to this character on a certain level?

A- Sadly my great Grandfather lost his life to the mob in The Bronx. It may seem odd, but we are very proud of him. He was asked to pay for a contracting job twice on his house. He refused and never saw another day. My maternal Grandmother was left with her 3 siblings to struggle through The Depression. As far as any Mob Boss Mentality, I had a hyper-sensitivity to those generations as they came from nothing. We Gen X’ers and younger were given little to no struggle compared to what those before us had to go through. If you were spiteful to the elderly, as an employee of mine in the Restaurant, or in anyone’s life, I can say I’ve burned some bridges over the years. We’ve been spoiled in this era. It was our ancestors and grandparents who had the real struggle. It’s kept me humbled and grounded in many ways and I’m proud I’ve been able to educate my sons on the importance of those principles.

Q-Your youngest son Benett is set to graduate High School from Notre Dame in 2027. Notre Dame was ranked Number 1 in High School Baseball last year by the LA Times. If he attends a Division 1 School outside of California, do you plan to stay in Los Angeles? 

A- We were undecided about what we were doing when Benett left the house. We are proud of both our sons. Our other son Dante made the Dean’s List in his first Semester at UC Santa Cruz. His major is Biomedical Engineering. We are both very passionate about their future and we’re leaving the future open.

Q-You landed a supporting role in the Feature Film this summer titled City of Dreams starring Jason Patric. Any other upcoming appearances?

A- I want to lay low for the next three years until my son finishes High School, and Dante finishes college. I have an amazing employer in Madelyn Alfano and it’s a privilege to work for her. Booking these roles no longer has the high it used to. Everyone is famous these days. They need the likes and followers. I’ve found my happiness with love outside of entertainment. If roles come, they come, but it’s not the oxygen many of these artists crave for me.

Q- What books are you currently reading?

A- There was so much talk when I was a kid about Bonfire of the Vanities. It was a long read, but I just finished that. I’m just getting around to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo and maybe some Steinbeck after that.

Q- You are scheduled to sing the National Anthem at 3 Minor League Ballparks this season. What prompted the interest?

A- Our country isn’t perfect by any stretch, but when you look at the world, how grateful we should be to live in a country with our freedoms. It’s also to honor my Grandfather who had to leave high school in the late 20’s to support his family. As an Italian American, it means a lot to me. 

Jersey Boys: La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts
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