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Black Lives Matter
By Krystina Bailey 6/6/2020

Photo: Airic Lewis

“Black Lives Matter! Black Lives Matter! What do we want? Justice! When we want it? Now! Say his name! George Floyd!” What started as a peaceful protest in LA has turned into a rippling movement for change. Los Angeles, along with every other state in this country is fighting for an end to police brutality.

Photo: Airic Lewis

This country was built on the enslavement of Black people. Even though civil rights rules were enacted, and Jim Crow laws went out the window, doesn’t mean that racism has ended. What is racism? How did it come about? Why do White people get treated better than Black people? These are the questions that have continued to circulate for years. Can a country that was built on racism ever fully become one that is free of it? People in Los Angeles are doing their best to find out.

Photo: Airic Lewis

Dr. Martin Luther King showed people of different races how to come together and march for change. This is exactly what’s going on in the streets of LA. Picture this, it’s 2020 and Covid-19 has swarmed the nation with it’s highly contagious, deathly uncertainty. People have been cooped up inside their houses for weeks. Everyone, of course, is on social media, and the world witnesses the kneeled police brutality death of Minneapolis native George Floyd. Yet, just weeks ago they witnessed the shooting and killing of Ahmaud Aubrey who was out for a jog in his home state of Georgia. Only to then see a bird watcher in Central Park, get the police called on him by a White woman with a double meaning to her words. Not sure if this could have been a more perfect time to get the world’s attention.

Photo: Airic Lewis

“No Justice! No peace!” is what the signs say and it’s been ringing true nationwide. Are things ever going to “get back to normal” or are people going to rally until there is a change? All of the rallies, protests, and even turned riots don’t seem like they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. It seems as though people are sick and tired of the way minorities, specifically Black people, are being treated. If it takes a White woman to come out and say, “Cops don’t accidentally kill White women like me” there’s a point to be made here. It sort of seems like there’s an invisible code that police officers take under oath; Treat black men differently. People have had it, and enough is enough.

Photo: Airic Lewis

It seems to be a younger crowd protesting. Millennials and Gen Z are talking to the streets. These will be the future leaders of this country. So does that mean racism will finally end? Some people have taken matters into their own hands and have started looting and destroying property. Folks are angry that nothing is being done to end police brutality. This is America and its 2020. Even a pandemic couldn’t stop people from coming together with some rioting in the streets for justice.

Maybe the millennials and Gen Z got it! They figured out how to end racism; Do it like Dr. King. This movement will bring about change. It already seems to have started. Things will never be the same. There is a “new normal” and it’s not going down without a fight!

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