Celebrate February and Black History Month with A Spectacular Tribute on BUZZR TV!

A special salute has begun on everyone’s favorite retro network, BUZZR, as we celebrate Black History Month with weekly spotlights paying tribute to groundbreaking African-American Greats!

Tune-in to BUZZR for momentous video vignettes highlighting historic African Americans for their contributions to Music, Entertainment, Sports, Science and Civil Rights Activism, coupled with clips from their induvial appearances on treasured game shows. On Saturday, February 27th this celebration culminates in 5-hours of back-to-back programming comprised of each illuminated individual’s game show episode aired in its entirety. BUZZR’s African-American Greats salute features the following iconic legends:

Nichelle Nichols (Star Trek’sUhura) who expanded her affinity for outer space while dedicating years of service recruiting diverse astronauts for NASA.

Althea Gibson, one of the first Black athletes to cross the color line of international tennis.

Singer and actor Adam Wade who later went on to become the first African American game show host.

The Harlem Globetrotters,true leaders in their sport, who played over 26,000 exhibition games in 124 countries.

The Modern Jazz Quartet who wonthe first NAACP award for cultural contributions in the field of music in 1957.

American musician, singer and songwriter Little Richard whose music quite literally shaped rhythm and blues for future generations.

Actress, R&B artist and BUZZR regular Della Reese whose career as an entertainer spanned 7 decades.

In addition to changing the world, these all-time heroes brought their “A-Game” to beloved game show classics like Password PlusFamily Feud and more, all found within the BUZZR TV vault!

So, what are you waiting for? Mark your calendars and turn on BUZZR from 3pm EST – 8pm EST this 2/27 and join us in honoring truly historic African-American Greats.
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