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 CuriosityStream, the leading global factual streaming service and media company (NASDAQ: CURI), today unveiled a look at key original titles in production for 2021, marking the largest annual investment in original programming and the production of more original hours of programming than ever in the company’s history. The new releases add to an extensive and unrivaled library of films and series that dives deep into nature, history, science, travel and every category of the factual genre. A number of additional originals are slated to be announced throughout the year.

From feature-length documentary films to brand-defining series and specials, viewers can explore everything from eco-engineering and environmental consequences to why we eat what we eat, the untold story of Wall Street, harrowing animal rescue efforts and more. Every title features the hallmarks of CuriosityStream original programming — unique insights, unprecedented access, and world-class filmmaking.

“Today’s announcement is merely the beginning of what promises to be the best year yet for our viewers,” said Clint Stinchcomb, president and CEO of CuriosityStream. “We continue to prioritize investment in the distinctive, premium original programming that defines CuriosityStream, and there is no better place to enjoy the breadth and depth of engaging and insightful content, regardless of your interests.”

A look at some of the CuriosityStream Originals in store for viewers in 2021:

Rescued Chimpanzees of the Congo with Jane Goodall
Go behind the scenes with the iconic Jane Goodall in this 6-part series, featuring exclusive new interviews and never-before-seen footage spanning 3 decades. Get unprecedented access to daily life and work at the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center — where teams brave harrowing efforts to rescue and rehabilitate victim chimpanzees of illegal wildlife trafficking. Produced by Off The Fence.

Doug To the Rescue
Nothing is easy in the aftermath of a natural disaster. Victims are displaced, resources are scarce, and too many people are in need. But what happens to animals stranded or left behind? That’s where drone pilot Doug Thron comes in. From hurricanes to wildfires, Doug offers help in the hardest hit areas, using next-gen specialized drones outfitted for his unique rescue mission. Follow along every emotional step of the way, from the often-dangerous searches and dramatic rescues to the successful reunions with grateful owners or the return to a natural habitat. Produced by Lone Wolf Media.

Ancient Engineering
From underwater robots to virtual reconstructions, new tools are transforming the way we understand the ancient world and shedding new light on modern marvels. From iconic, breathtaking achievements that still inspire a sense of awe to lesser-known projects that are full of surprises, each episode explores how engineers have been breaking new ground and defying the laws of physics for thousands of years. Produced by Off The Fence.

The History of Wall Street
Money made America a global empire, and for the last century, America’s riches have been controlled by the titans of Wall Street. Morgan. Goldman. Sachs. Lehman. Hearst. From the roaring 20s to the great depression, the post-World War II boom to the dot com bubble and beyond, this epic 8-hour series dramatizes the men, the rivalries and the innovations that dominate modern life. Produced by Stephen David Entertainment.

CuriosityStream’s original series ‘4th and Forever” premieres Spring 2021 (Photo: Business Wire)

4th and Forever™: Alcoa
Season 3 of the acclaimed docu-series joins football powerhouse Alcoa High School in east Tennessee for the pursuit of a 19th state championship. Alcoa has groomed some of the NFL’s greatest players, from Shannon Mitchell to Randall Cobb. But its story isn’t just about gridiron greatness. It’s the remarkable tale of a blue-collar town that successfully overcame racial segregation — and how the high school, and the entire Alcoa community, became far stronger because if it. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment.

Engineering the Future
In season 2 of this ground-breaking eco-engineering series, explore the spectacular green machines that could revolutionize life as we know it… and maybe even save the world from ecological disaster. Featuring exclusive access to large-scale, cutting edge projects around the globe, combining science, technology and engineering. Produced by Bigger Bang.

Going Circular
Crisscross the globe to explore how circularity is poised to revolutionize the modern world. This is the story of six lives inextricably linked by an incredible new concept – an economic system that eliminates waste and saves resources. Unlocking the secrets to circularity, a new generation of visionaries is using nature’s universal principles to transform economies, and in the process, save us – from ourselves. Produced by Off The Fence.

Beyond the Spotlight
These are the intriguing people who capture our attention, fill our social feeds, and shape pop culture. In the next episodes of the powerful biography series, hear the deeply profound conversations that happen out of the spotlight when people share what truly inspires them. Among the highlights, YouTube superstar MrBeast, known for his extravagant philanthropic stunts, for the first time reveals the moving personal story that drives him to help others. Produced by Leonardo DiCaprio’s Appian Way and Stephen David Entertainment.

Royals in Color
Nothing quite captures the world’s attention like the rise, the fall, and the rebranding of royalty. From Queen Victoria’s attempts to unite Europe, to the end of Russia’s Romanovs, right up to Princes William and Harry, this series explores royalties’ survival strategies through the ages in rare and never-before-seen archives, colorized for the first time using WMR’s legendary techniques. Produced by World Media Rights.

CuriosityStream’s original film HEVAL premieres Summer 2021 (Photo: Business Wire)

Michael Enright was a successful Hollywood actor with film credits including Pirates of the Caribbean and Law and Order. But in 2015, he gave it all up to join the fight against the Islamic State in Syria. Heval chronicles Enright’s harrowing tale, drawing on hundreds of hours of extraordinary, never-before-seen footage he shot with Kurdish forces behind enemy lines. It reveals the brutal and complex story of the war against ISIS through the eyes of one man — a controversial actor-turned-soldier, who now finds himself fighting his own battles at home and abroad. Produced by Jupiter Entertainment.

Eat me (Or Try Not To)
Take a trip around the world in this original, quirky series that unwraps the incredible evolution of the foods we turn to the most. Each episode explores the untold stories and the people behind the most iconic brands, the science that keeps us craving more, and where our favorite foods are headed. From snacks to survival, meet the tastemakers, the trendsetters, and the marketing geniuses who feed the world. Produced by DBComm Media.

Humbodlt Current
Along South America’s western coast, Earth’s perfect storm brews the right ingredients to foster the most unique biodiversity. From the frozen south to the scorching north, follow along in this blue-chip natural history series to explore the Humboldt Current, supporting the largest creatures to ever live on our planet, and helping life to thrive in places where it shouldn’t. Produced by VisionHawk and Prospect TV.

About CuriosityStream

Launched by media visionary John Hendricks, CuriosityStream is a leading global factual streaming service and media company. CuriosityStream’s documentary series and features cover every topic from space exploration to adventure to the secret life of pets, empowering viewers of all ages to fuel their passions and explore new ones. With thousands of titles, many in Ultra HD 4K, including exclusive originals, CuriosityStream features stunning visuals and unrivaled storytelling to demystify science, nature, history, technology, society, and lifestyle. CuriosityStream reaches over 13 million subscribers and is available worldwide to watch on TV, desktop, mobile and tablets. Find us on Roku, Apple TV Channels and Apple TV, Xbox One, Amazon Fire TV, T-Mobile, Google Chromecast, iOS and Android, as well as Amazon Prime Video Channels, YouTube TV, Sling TV, DISH, Comcast Xfinity on Demand, Cox Communications, Altice USA, Suddenlink, Sony, LG, Samsung and VIZIO smart TVs, Liberty Global, Com Hem, Tata Sky, MultiChoice, StarHub, Totalplay, Millicom, Okko and other global distribution partners and platforms. For more information, visit CuriosityStream.com.


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