An international debut film by Maria Diane Ventura

Starring Jannik Schümann (The Aftermath/Monster Hunter), Nyamandi Adrian (White Sands/Tribes of Europe), Juan Carlos Lo Sasso (Another Cloudy Day), and Romina Küper (Baby Bitchka).

Streaming February 22 on Amazon and Amazon Prime And Worldwide Release via Indie Rights   

Jannik Schümann as “Karl” and Nyamandi Adrian as “Albert” in Your Color

 A friendship is tested when two young men leave their German hometown for a freer life in majestic Barcelona, where fate and choices threaten their once unbreakable bond. A multi-cultural production from Europe, Asia, and America, YOUR COLOR will be released on Amazon and Amazon Prime, February 22, 2021.

Reluctantly studious Karl and free spirit Albert document their youthful adventures and provocative ideas whilst breaking free from their small town and their predetermined futures. Although they dream of becoming voices of their generation, their new lives in the big city are not as easy as they had once envisioned. As the adolescents ponder their purpose on camera, diverging ambitions take a dark turn. This film serves as a timely commentary on mental health, self-limitations, and connection in the digital age. 

YOUR COLOR stars established German actors Jannik Schümann (The Aftermath and Monster Hunter) as Karl; the first openly gay matinee idol of his generation and Nyamandi Adrian (Tribes of Europe) as Albert; one of the rare German films with a person of color in a leading role. The film also stars Juan Carlos Lo Sasso (Another Cloudy Day) as Julio and Romina Küper (Baby Bitchka) as Kristina. 

A Music Producer and Artist Manager, director Maria Diane Ventura wrote the film as a reflection of her own internal state and feelings of displacement after leaving her comfort zone. “As an immigrant myself, who moved to New York to find a better future for my family and at the same time immerse and acclimate to a new culture and environment, I started writing this film while I was still living in Manila dreaming of a better life thinking that, if I move away, all my problems and suffering would magically disappear,” she said. “I wrote this film about two boys wanting to escape their small town only to find themselves with a different set of problems in the real world.”

Ventura hopes the film’s themes of self-limitation and societal conditioning are universal. “Everyone at one point in their lives has felt excluded, alone, lost, afraid and unworthy. We must look beyond differences, beyond class, beyond race and know that our worth as human beings are not dependent on any of these things or any labels. If we ever feel that the world is pushing down on us, I hope each of us will find the strength to fight and stand up to the oppressive and sometimes biased system because it is worth the fight. And you are worthy. Every single one of us is.”

“Though film should be a vehicle that promotes ideals it also has a responsibility to depict reality no matter how unfair, unfortunate, or regrettable. In order to attain positive changes, self-awareness is key and the purpose of my films is never to judge nor proselytize; it is merely to tell my own story at a particular point in time as reflected by the fictional characters and circumstances I’ve created. I do not have any authority over morality, I am just a complex, flawed human trying to understand myself and make sense of the world, and in the process, understand others and hopefully encourage civil discourse.” 

YOUR COLOR was shot in the actors’ home country of Germany and partly in the vibrant, majestic Barcelona; The music is composed by Philippine, American, and German musicians. Co-producing with DVent Pictures is American female Chloe Reisen, head of New York and Los Angeles’ video design and production company, Appledoorknob and Berlin based award winning actor Jannik Schumann. 

The film has secured international accolades including Best Woman Filmmaker and Best Feature for the Vegas Film Awards; Best Director and Best Actor at Calella Film Festival in Spain, and International Feature Debut at Diorama, New Delhi, India. Best Cinematography and Best Feature for the Canadian Cinematography Awards; Best Ensemble Cast for Couch Film Festival in Toronto; and a citation at Canada’s Cyrus Film Festival; Best Feature Film Nomination at the SOHO International Film Festival and Lonely Wolf: London International Film Festival; and 2020 Winner at Queen Palm International Film Festival in Palm Springs California for Best Feature, Best Actor and Best Director.

 ABOUT THE DIRECTOR/ Filipino-American Maria Diane Ventura garnered attention for her 2012 short film “TheRapist.” It was cited as among the Best Short Films at the International Film Festival Manhattan and was shortlisted as among the Best Short Films in Asia.

Her first feature-length student project “Awaken,” led to Best Director wins at the 2015 Manhattan Festival and Best Narrative Feature at the 2016 World Cinema Festival in Brazil. Ventura considers DEINE FARBE “Your Color” to be her international debut feature. “Luz Oscura” (Dark Light), her next feature, will be shot in Mexico and Los Angeles, USA.

A Music Producer in Asia, Ventura now aims to create films in places whose cultures are different from her own, proving that emotional experiences are universal, barriers are illusory and unity is attainable if every idea and disparity is approached with tolerance and acceptance.


  • Writer/Director – Maria Diane Ventura
  • Executive Producer – Maria Diane Ventura
  • Producers – Chloe Reisen, Jannik Schümann, Kirill Krasovski
  • Associate Producer- Nicos Beatty, Carlo Valenzona, Hella Wenders, Roberto Anjari Rossi
  • Cinematographer – Hilarion Banks
  • Sound Designer – Malthe Bjørn Jensen, Andrew Spence
  • Editor – Luca Lucchesi
  • Production Designer – Chloe Reisen
  • Production Companies – Dvent Productions, Appledoorknob, Faktura Film, Soul Pictures
  • Representatives – Indie Rights
  • Germany, USA, Spain, Philippines. 2020, 81 mins, Color, German/English.


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