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Buzzr Celebrates The Life And Legacy Of Betty White


BUZZR pays tribute to the First Lady of Game Shows on her birthday

In salute of the beloved Betty White, BUZZR has put together an extra special line-up of Betty-filled game show content featuring touching and memorable moments celebrating her decades-long career.

As we commemorate and remember the life of Betty, aka ‘The First Lady of Game Shows,’ viewers can catch an all-day Match Game marathon on Saturday, January 8th beginning at 10:30a EST. Catch some of Betty’s best moments from Match Game and Match Game PM, including a heartwarming moment as Gene Rayburn and the studio audience sing “Happy Birthday” to her.

Next, to memorialize what would have been Betty’s 100th birthday weekend, we will be hosting an all-day Password-themed marathon on Sunday, January 16th starting at 10:30a EST – featuring PasswordPassword Plus (alongside husband Allen Ludden), and Super Password! Tune in to see several special highlights, including Betty’s first time on Password Plus and two retro past Betty birthday celebrations.

And in honor of what would have been Betty’s 100th birthday on Monday, January 17th, the network will be airing all-new-to-BUZZR Betty episodes all day long from 8:00a EST – 2:00a EST. Take a chronological look at Betty’s game show highlights from Whew!, To Tell The TruthTrivia Trap, and much more.

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