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Tonight! “MARCH” Premieres On The CW At 8/7c!!!


TONIGHT on the CW Network is the premiere of MARCH! This eight-part series explores the passionate and competitive world of HBCU band culture, as it follows The Marching StormPrairie View A&M University’s prestigious marching band. Available cast members for interview opportunities: Dr. Timothy Zachery (Band Director), Aaron, (Sr. Drum Major), and Kaylan, (Captain of the dance troupe – the Black Foxes)

ABOUT MARCH: This showcases the eclectic and energetic group of college students at Prairie View A&M University—from drum majors and dancers to the flag team and all the section players—as they navigate performing in one of the most prestigious HBCU marching bands along with tackling a rigorous academic schedule and maintaining a high-grade point average. The series chronicles their pressure-filled journey to become the highest-ranked HBCU band in the land, including electrifying performances at homecoming, Texas A&M and Southern University. As MARCH shares the personal and unique stories of individual members and staff of the over 300-person marching band, it also explores the legacy and culture of Prairie View A&M and highlights how the Marching Storm band is an integral part of that rich history.

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