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Tyrone DuBose Starts Pilot Production For His Award-Winning Program, “Do You Know” Series


February 25th, 2022 – Los Angeles, Ca – Tyrone DuBose has announced a pilot order for “Do You Know”, his award-winning 30-minute premiere music countdown show.

 Keeping the integrity of R&B alive, the show is based on the history of the R&B charts of the last five decades and contains equal parts trivia, and interviews of artists and groups from the R&B era of the past.  

DuBose, known as the number one R&B Historian in America, and affectionately called the “Black Casey Kasem”, is a history-making three-time award winner of the Black Music Awards, as well as a two-time winner of the Hollywood African Prestigious Awards, is elated at the project. “I am eternally grateful to the Rich Girl Productions Team for coming on board to be part of my lifetime dream. I am ready to embark on the next level of my journey.

About The Show

“Do You Know” emerged as a webisode from DuBose’s syndicated radio program, Timeless Traxx. The webisode gave audiences a visual of the radio show with trivia of R&B over the last 6 decades. The YouTube series won several awards, including the Los Angeles Webfest. When the series launched in 2012, it began a path that propelled DuBose to becoming a highly sought-after fan favorite R&B Historian. DuBose takes R&B fans down memory lane, learning fascinating facts about their favorite artists as well as generating conversations about the artist’s journey to success. Tyrone goes beyond the numbers on the charts and digs in to give audiences an in-depth understanding of the artist, the influences on the artist’s style, and what path the performer took to reach the charts.

 As America’s premier R&B historian, DuBose is best known as a contributor to TV Ones UNSUNG television program. DuBose’s constantly growing fanbase currently enjoys his deep, naturally rich voice on one of his several platforms which include his syndicated radio program, Timeless Traxx, his daily contribution to the Sheryl Underwood Podcast,  or from being a national on-air guest contributor on television networks.

 The Do You Know pilot will be completed before June 2022.

About Tyrone DuBose

Iconic R&B Historian, distinctive radio host, motivational speaker, and philanthropist Tyrone DuBose hail from Cincinnati, Ohio. Growing up wanting a career in entertainment, he began his lifelong pursuit in 1985, when he became the host for a television program in the South Bay area of Southern California.

 Having a distinctive bass-baritone voice, DuBose quickly became a highly sought-after announcer for many events, phone auto-attendant for Fortune 500 companies, and voiceovers for many national commercials. Like many great public personalities, mastering one art was not enough. Tyrone ventured into radio where he was heard live on air at KHWY-FM in Barstow California for over 7 years. This is where he began developing his on-air skills and working on his craft that would later open the doors for him to other radio stations across the nation and eventually television.

As America’s premier R&B Historian, Tyrone DuBose is an award-winning radio host, music commentator, and pop culture, expert. A documentarian of Black culture, he is also the self-proclaimed “Maestro of R&B Music History”. Tyrone is also a bestselling author with his #1 ranked book, The Four Seasons of R&B Music available on Amazon.

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