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‘The Talk’ Hosts, Paula Abdul and Kevin Frazier Discuss Will Smith and Chris Rock Altercation


Monday on “The Talk” the hosts with guest co-host Paula Abdul and Kevin Frazier from “Entertainment Tonight” react to Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during last night’s Oscar Awards telecast. “Chris handled that in an amazing way,” Sheryl Underwood says. “I think he was kind of trying to defuse it. From the people I talked to, they don’t believe Chris knew about Jada’s alopecia situation…I wish Will would have also [in his apology] called out Chris Rock, apologized to him, and then Chris Rock apologize to him and Jada, and then they both shook hands.” Akbar Gbajabiamila reacts “It just seemed like Will Smith had reached his end.

There’s something going on with Will Smith.” Jerry O’Connell adds, “Given Will Smith’s speech after he won…I think we saw an emotionally spent person there.” Paula Abdul adds, “In a way, he silenced women. I wish in his acceptance speech, he would have spoken about what triggered him being protective over Jada.” “What are we showing the world? That protecting women means abuse? That’s what he showed,” says Amanda Kloots. “In your speech talk about protecting women, but don’t physically abuse somebody…I’m a Christian woman. I love God. God is love. That’s not how you show love. He apologized to the Academy, he apologies to his nominees, yet he didn’t apologize to the man who he slapped. I don’t understand.” Gbajabiamila continues, “I think there’s going to be room for forgiveness because this is uncharacteristic of Will Smith and that’s why I think there’s something was building up

Somebody needs to do a wellness check with Will Smith.” Underwood agrees and adds, ” I want to be clear. I’m not saying it’s right. What I’m saying is human beings do human things. Let us pray for Will Smith and pray for his strength that he becomes that man he’s supposed to be.”


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