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Interview With Director Pawel Loziński on His Latest Film “The Balcony Movie”


Do you ever wonder about people when you pass them on the street? I do, ever since I was a little girl driving with my parents I would think about the people who lived in the homes and wonder about their lives. Were they happy, sad, or lonely? Are you curious about the people who pass by your house, or the person stuck in traffic on the freeway next to you? Then “The Balcony Movie” is a film you will feel in your spirit. It’s not for everyone and it does not need to be, but I recommend you take a chance and watch this documentary-style film. It might be just what we need to bring us a little closer to humanity. It was such a pleasure to chat with Paweł and learn more about the inspiration for the film and the impact it left on his life.

The director spent 165 shooting days on his balcony and talked to 2,000 people over 2,5 years. These encounters under the “secular confessional” resulted in a heartfelt portrayal of ourselves, humankind, Poles, and all the passers-by we meet in our journey through life.

It is a reminder that no matter where you live in the world we all have stories of loss, hope, love, and survival. The Balcony reminded me that each person matters and that we all share the same journey in different ways.

The Balcony Movie premieres online on Wednesday, November 30 on MUBI.

TRT: 101 minutes
Language: Polish with English Subtitles

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