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Jeannie Mai Jenkins Says ‘Culture’ Is Most Important to Teach Daughter Monaco


Wednesday on “The Talk” Jeannie Mai Jenkins opens up about parenting baby Monaco with her husband, Jeezy. “I didn’t know that somebody would automatically claim being a good parent while the other parent was like a bad parent, but I never volunteered to be one or the other…so now I’m noticing when she’s getting things like her shots or she’s getting her ears pierced when I look around my husband’s like nowhere to be seen…and as soon as she’s like ‘whaaaaaa,’ he’s like ‘I got you…I love you.’” On what she hopes to teach her daughter, she reveals, “I think the number one thing that is so important is culture. Monaco is a beautiful mix of being Black and Vietnamese. But it’s not just the culture and history behind our heritage, it’s also how me and Jeezy got here…I’m a first gen Vietnamese, my mom was a refugee, and America gave her a chance. My husband…coming up with very little means. And the first thing we want them to know is not only the pride of being a Black and Vietnamese girl but that this money is not your money. You will learn how to earn, and we want to really just let them be gracious and have gratitude for the things they have and not just be privileged.”

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