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The Big Door Prize Premiering March 29th on Apple


Jim Meskimen Prepares for the March 29th Release Of
The Big Door Prize on Apple

Son of American TV mom, Marion Ross (Happy Days/Gilmore Girls/Brooklyn Bridge), Jim Meskimen has become THE actor that Hollywood is turning, to appear as historic or recognizable characters, currently playing Senator Edward Gurney (opposite Julia Roberts and Sean Penn) in GASLIT and, just announced, portraying Phil Donahue in WELCOME TO CHIPPENDALES (starring Murray Barlett, Juliette Lewis, and Dan Stevens), as well as Colonel Sanders in the popular KFC and George Washington (crossing the Delaware Turnpike) GEICO commercials. 

Jim is also currently reoccurring in the upcoming series on Apple, THE BIG DOOR PRIZE (by Creators of Schitt’s Creek), with recent starring and co-starring roles in HUNTERS (starring Al Pacino and Carol Kane) as well as having roles in films such as FROST/NIXON, APOLLO 13, THE PAPER, and VIRAL VIGNETTES, and TV productions as an actor, impressionist, voice-artist and improvisational comedian on WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY and IMPRESS ME. In addition, Jim has a dozen productions in both pre and post-production. 

Jim’s ability to recreate true-to-life characters is not limited to acting but noted impersonations as well. We invite you to listen to this sample link of his vocal expertise on the voices of individuals such as Sir Patrick Stewart, President GW Bush, Morgan Freeman, Robin Williams, Tommy Lee Jones, Christopher Walken, Sam Elliott, Sir Ian McKellen – https://youtu.be/4O8T9uRS6g4

Recently, Jim hit 8.3 Million and 7.8 Million Views on his – TIK TOKS 

Jim has also launched his online course in “Becoming A Working Actor,” now available at: www.jimworkingactor.com

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