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Tisha Campbell Opens up on Her Year of ‘Yes’; Mental Health Journey and ‘Big Transition’ as a ‘Single Mother’

Tisha Campbell CBS’s Clips and photos courtesy of CBS’s “The Talk”

Tuesday on “The Talk” actress Tisha Campbell opens up about season one of “Act Your Age “ with co-stars Kym Whitley, Yvette Nicole Brown and produced by Alyson Fouse. “I really wanted to be involved with something that was from the ground up and be part of a network… and I worked with Alyson on ‘My Wife and Kids’… so when she called me, it happened to be the year of ‘yes’ for me. I talk about it a lot. Last year was the year of the ‘yes.’ So, anybody that wanted to use me, it didn’t matter whether it was a big, small part, what the cost was, what I was being paid, I was going to say ‘yes’ to any friend who called my name. And so, she called me, and I was like it’s a ‘yes’…and it’s been a dream… 2.4 million watched it. I’m just so proud of it.” 

Tisha Campbell in Every Breath She Takes premiering Saturday, March 25 at 8/7c on Lifetime

The actress discussed her new Lifetime movie, “Every Breath She Takes” where she plays a detective. She also opens up about faith and her mental health journey. “I would promote therapy for everybody else, but I was lacking. I was putting myself last. You know what it was. It’s like as a woman, you’re giving to everybody…I was so busy giving, giving, giving, and promoting mental wellness, but I don’t think I was really taking care of myself the way I should have. And so now I’ve really bogged down, now it’s the year of the ‘yes’ for me, and my health. And so I’ve really concentrated on making that a priority and not putting myself last anymore.”  She adds, “I went through a really, really big transition. You know, now I’m a single mother. And I had to go to zero, absolute zero…Now I truly understand what faith is and how to believe in myself. But, what I got out of that was, I was so proud of how incredibly resilient and intelligent I was. I didn’t know how smart I was.” 


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