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Celebrate Love with Hip-Hop Music Duo ZupaNova


International Edm Hip-Pop Music Duo Zupanova Release New Single “Zupalove” About Unity, Acceptance & Spreading More Love

(L to R)Davy Brown and Rawcel Cooks

ZupaNova’s iconic duo Rawcel Cooks (Songwriter for The Black Eyed Peas) and Davy Brown (Multi-Genre Producer/Recording Artist/Multi-Instrumentalist) just released their timely single “ZupaLove” which aims to promote love triumphing over hate in a a global celebration of unity, kindness, diversity, authenticity, and positive impact.

(L to R) Rawcell Cooks and Davy Brown

“We wrote ‘ZupaLove’ as a reminder that we all have the power to make a positive impact
on the lives of others. We hope that this song inspires people to be kind to one another,
help make the world a better place, and to spread love wherever they go.” – Cooks

Dive into the details of their new single release, official music video, and how this sought-after
duo is taking music to the next level for a ZupaCelebration of fashion, culture, music, lifestyle,
one love, and impacting communities around the world through mentorship and giving back.


Most recognize ZupaNova – an international two-time Top 40 EDM and Hip Pop Music
Group –for their global success over the past couple of years in reaching the Top 40 Charts on
the iHeartRadio Media base in the US., “Pop Pop” hit #41, and “ZupaHot” reached #38.
ZupaNova also collaborated with International Billboard artist IAKOPO to release the single
“Don’t Think” hit #5 as the most streamed and downloaded song on North American
College Radio. They also opened up for Fall Out Boy and BTS at this past New Year’s
performance on FilAm TV / “We Global New Year’s Eve” celebration. In fact, this powerhouse duo recently released and performed “ZupaLove” at Mayfest 2023 in Southern California and excited fans with special performances alongside Billboard artist Iakopo and Arii Brazil on the main stage for a medley of their top hits, “Pop Pop,” “Don’t Think,” “Celebrate,” and the new single “ZupaLove.”

Spreading Love, Kindness, and Unity

“ZupaLove” is more than a catchy Summer song, it’s a movement that is fueling support by
celebrities, organizations, and musicians worldwide in an effort to propel love, kindness, unity,
diversity, authenticity, and generosity to those in need. The ZupaStarz play an integral role in helping communities in need as featured in their official music video. The song is simply a celebration of humanity from all walks of life, unconditional kindness, togetherness, giving back, and positivity. Most recently, ZupaNova took part in feeding the homeless in Los Angeles’ skid row district, which is also captured in the video.

“Music has the power to bring people together and to create positive change. We wanted
to use our platform to spread a message of love and hope, and we hope that our fans will join us in this mission.” – Brown

Fashion and Philanthropy

With a vision to create a wave of positive impact around the world, ZupaNova continues to
serve as role models, and mentors, and create music to unite all cultures, fashion, lifestyles, and
create an echoing effect of “ZupaLove” around the world. ZupaNova and Nancy Gale, Founder of AMBITION, have teamed up with a mission to ignite a deep and meaningful conversation that unites brave and powerful voices to inspire. ZupaNova is committed in their role as a long-standing ambassador of AMBITION.org, a nonprofit entrepreneurial program for disadvantaged youth that fosters innovation, solution-driven thinking, confidence, and positive work ethic through business, music, fashion, and special guest collaboration. “AMBITION is aspirations with no limitations.”

Together, ZupaNova and AMBITION raised awareness and funding for disadvantaged youth by
co-hosting and performing in a virtual benefit concert that gained the attention of celebrity Paris
Hilton and business power couple Tom & Lisa Bilye. Both joined in with many local Los
Angeles students to help support the program by creating a fun social media wave of selfie-style
promo videos.

ZupaNova is among other well-known mentors for the Foundation that include: Richard
Branson, Paris Hilton & Carter Reum, Brad Pitt, Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Tom &
Lisa Bilyeu, the daytime talk show “The Real,” Lou Williams of the LA Clippers, etc.)
ZupaNova is also the creator of the AMBITION theme song! They created two songs, the
first one “Everyday is a Holiday” and the second new song “You Don’t Know About Me” with a
the movement known as “THE DIALOGUE” to engage in conversation with youth about race and

(L to R) Rawcell Cooks and Davy Brown

When it comes to fashion, ZupaNova can also be spotted on the catwalk performing for runway
fashion show “Fashion 4 A Cause” in Los Angeles, California, that brings together charities,
fundraising, and nonprofit organizations through fashion.

ZupedUp for What’s Next

There’s no sign of slowing down for the ZupaNova! Below are the latest dates, details, events,
and opportunities coming up.

  • ZupaNova and Iakopo, with over 1.7 million followers, will be appearing on WishBus
    105.7, Filipino International Live Radio Station (over 13 million followers),
    “Wishclusives” live on August 21st at 2 pm, debuting a new single, “Free.”
  • Get ready for ZupaNova’s World Tour! Collaborating with celebrity artists and
    influencers, documenting the progress of taking the ZupaNova brand and building

ZupaWorld empire on a ZupaLife Docuseries. “We also look to discover the next up
and coming ZupaStar to give them the opportunity to collaborate with ZupaNova and
join us on our 2023-2024 World Tour!”

  • “Live for Music” and GiG Productions present the “THE AMBITION TOUR” 2023
  • “Lucky 8 Educational Gala” sponsored by AMBITION Nonprofit Group
  • ZupaNova Music Festival Orange County Filipino Commerce of Orange County
  • StarVerz Experience is written and produced by Rawcel, which is a futuristic fashion
    concert featuring a variety of talents from the US to Asia, of different backgrounds and
    ages, at Mt. Sac College to sold-out crowds.
    Stay tuned by visiting http://www.zupanovaofficial.com and https://youtu.be/jELS4eR2gYs.


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