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The 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards Contest Has Begun



 The 44th Annual DAYTIME EMMY AWARDS contest has begun!

The 44th Annual 2016-2017ÂDaytime Emmy Awards entry and judge registration process has begun!I strongly recommend you retain this email for reference especially if you have been designated the responsibility for submissions.

 The GENERAL RULES, BY-CATEGORY SUBMISSION GUIDE, CALENDAR and a “WHAT;S NEW” document are available to view or download andÂif you are eager to begin submitting or registering to judge, log in to the Daytime Website.

On the Daytime Homepage select WHAT;S NEW to see the changes for this year and find the CALENDAR to view and download this year;s timelines and deadlines.

Judges can select BECOME AN EMMY JUDGE and complete the Judge application. Show contacts can sign up and apply on behalf of other production team members to judge.

Returning Entrants should select LOGIN or New Entrants can select SIGN-UP NOW to create a profile, view and download the GENERAL RULES & PROCEDURES and the BY-CATEGORY SUBMISSION GUIDE documents and to begin to CREATE NEW SUBMISSIONS! Please distribute this email and any of these documents to your production teams and departments.

Early Submission Deadline (lower fee): November 22nd – Online “paperwork” and payment complete.
Final Submission Deadline: December 21st- online “paperwork,” payment and video upload complete.
 Judge Registration Deadline: January 6, 2017 – NOTE: Drama Performers -December 21, 2016.

… and now if you are looking for more detail – information and suggestions to help you get started – scroll down for a ton of reference information!!

ENTRANTS should review the ENTRIES section below, JUDGES may scroll down to the JUDGING section further below.

 The online system for entries and judging has launched. Click HERE to log in. If you are new to Daytime you will need to Sign UP and create a new user profile in this system. Returning entrants can log in using previous information or request a new password if necessary. Returning judges log in, update the profile to ensure the system contains current information and register anew to obtain a unique 2016-17 Judging ID. Video submissions are uploaded directly to the entry form, the system is used for online viewing/judging and for casting online ballots. The online system will prompt for necessary information.

SUBMISSION PLANNING: If you are entering a Series and multiple related categories, you should now be choosing the submission episode (or episodes). If you plan to enter additional related performer or host and craft categories, you do NOT have to submit the same episode chosen for the Program category. If the submission requirements allow you to submit a whole episode, and you DO wish to use the same one for each category, you only need to upload the video file once, and assign it to each category. Certain categories require submitting a clip reel rather than an entire episode. Need help in selecting the right performer or craft categories related to your program? Select theÂASSOCIATED CATEGORIESÂspreadsheet on the Dashboard to view or download the grid displaying the correct categories associated with your Program category choice!
EMMY ESSAY: Most categories either require or allow an 200-word-or-less essay or technical description. This text will appear on the ballot as an accompaniment to the submitted viewing material and a guide for judges. We advise that you take advantage of this field for each category entered. Keep it short, informational and NOT promotional.

VIDEO FORMAT AND HIGH SPEED TRANSER OF MEDIA FILES: After logging you select VIDEO UPLOAD SPECS to view or download a document outlining accepted video file formats for submission. On the entry form you will also need to download the free ASPERA program to facilitate high speed upload of media files. (Many categories require other document uploads such as scripts, lyrics, paper credit crawl etc). Don;t hesitate to contact the Yangaroo support team should you need assistance. It is important that yur source video is optimal, to ensure the best result after the transcoding process. You will be able to review your transcoded submission video before it goes to the judging process. Please take the time to view submissions.

ENTRANT TEAMS: Production seasons often span the Daytime Emmy Awards eligibility (calendar) year, and production staff may change during the course of a production year. Many categories in Daytime are Team Awards, therefore when submitting your entrant teams, be sure to include all who are eligible.

ENTRANT TEAM INFORMATION: Entries are often prepared and completed by an individual responsible for multiple submissions for a show or network. (The Entrant or “Show Shepherd”). “Entrant Team members” are those whose work is being recorded in the system by that person, be it producers for programs, hosts, performers or craft individuals or teams for other categories. If you are fulfilling the role of entrant “Shepherd” please be sure to double check name spellings and titles. When entering contact information for Entrant Team Members, the system will capture your (Show Shepherd) contact information, however you may type over and replace with personal team member information if desired. For categories with large entrant teams, you can download an Excel spreadsheet template to prepare, finalize then drag and drop directly in to the entry form. NOTE: If you apply your “Shepherd” contact information to all entrant team members, you will be responsible for distributing all Daytime Emmy Award information during the process, such as verification of entry, judging information, notification of nominations, event information or indeed a win!

WYSIWYT- What-You-See-Is-What-You-Typed! Entry information appears exactly as entered into the Daytime system – odd capitalizations, all lower-case, misspellings, missing credits etc. The system does not automatically correct or change cases! Please make sure your information is accurate and official! If you are nominated (or indeed are an Emmy recipient!), this information “travels” to press releases, print programs and the Daytime archive.

NEW CATEGORIES, NEW CATEGORY ORDER AND NUMBERS: If you are a returning entrant or show âœhepherdâ  you will notice new categories, a number reorder and some changes to existing categories. As in the past several years, our PDF By-Category Submission Guide document is your friend – indexed and linked internally to assist in locating each categoryâ™ necessary information on a single page and linked to related categories.ÂNATAS Chapter Presidents and Administrators, please make sure to distribute this information to any production companies in your region who produce Nationally distributed programming.

Go to the YANGAROO/ Daytime Online system HERE and look for BECOME AN EMMY JUDGE to register to be a judge. BothÂNew and Returning Judges MUST register in the YANGAROO system (in order to receive a unique 2016-17 judging ID). If you are a Show Shepherd, please assist or remind everyone on your show or network to register. You may register for yurself, or register on behalf of other individuals on your program;s team. When judging begins, individuals are sent a secure link to the judging site to access their assigned panel(s) and the ballots. NATAS Chapter Presidents and Administrators, please make sure to distribute this information to any members who have the necessary National qualifications to participate in judging for the Daytime Emmy Awards. Over the next few months, the Daytime Administration will be reviewing and approving applicants to serve as jurors.

 The support team from our system partner YANGAROO will be available to help and answer any technical questions you may have along the way via email –emmysupport@yangaroo.com or phone, Toll Free – 1.866.992.9902. TheÂDaytime Emmy Awards Administration can answer any questions you may have regarding the contest.  Please feel free to contact us at daytime@emmyonline.tv or give us a call at 212-586-8426. (Email will elicit the fastest response!).

 Be sure to follow us on Facebook as we will be posting Daytime Emmy process updates there also.

 Copyright 2016 National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, All rights reserved.

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