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Living Legends Awards 2017

Living Legends Awards 2017


Lisa Collins’ 20th Annual First Ladies High Tea

The First Ladies High Tea’ was conceived in 1997 to celebrate and embrace the role first ladies and women in the church play in providing services to the community and shaping the lives of young girls and youth,” explains Publisher Lisa Collins. “So often the work that they do goes overlooked and we wanted to change that and provide a forum to recognize them for all that they do and all that they are to us.” The First Ladies High Tea attracts key tastemakers who take active roles in setting trends in the L.A church community and carry a great deal of clout and influence with their followers, who number anywhere from 200 to 10,000.

The 2017 honorees included seven distinguished individuals: Varnell Johnson, CEO, Junes Entertainment and LLF President, will be presented with the Chairman’s Award; Morace Landy, Chief Marketing Strategist of Empire Distribution, will receive the Music Executive Award; Steve Crumbley, Senior Vice President of Programming/Operations Manager of Apex Media Charleston, will be presented with the Jerry Boulding Radio Executive Award; Don Jackson, founder, Chairman, and CEO of Central City Productions, Inc., will receive the Broadcast Icon Award; Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew, Partners of Chew Entertainment will be presented with the Creative Visionary Award; Tyrone Williams, Chairman of the Board, Brooklyn United/Former Chairman and CEO of Cold Chillin’ Records, will receive the Hip-Hop Visionary Award; and Larry Jackson, Head of Original Music Content of Apple Music, will be presented with the Digital Music Executive Award.

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