The power of unity can make substantial changes and Resisterhood a feature documentary by producer/director Cheryl Jacobs Crim gives us much to celebrate and much to think about. The struggle for women’s rights has been an ongoing battle for decades and will continue with future generations. Resisterhood can be viewed on Amazon and Vimeo on Demand.

Resisterhood examines the ongoing events and decisions from the 2016 election that has impacted so many from a women’s perspective. It is truly an outstanding film that implores us to use the power of our voice along with a united front. All women are affected by any government that will treat its citizens without compassion or empathy, taking away so many human rights policies that have made America a country many are proud to call home. The documentary focuses on six committed, diverse female activists from the African-American, Latina, Muslim, and LGBTQ+ communities as we follow their journey for equality and freedom of choice.

Says Crim, “Resisterhood embodies the idea that when we join together to support and uplift each other, we are all better off. The character and diversity of the people profiled in the film are what is exceptional about America. We are the Resisterhood, ordinary people standing up in an extraordinary time, and that is what Democracy looks like today.”

The women profiled have a strong sense of community but most importantly they have love and support from their family members. Each one has embraced their calling with determination, perseverance, and a love for creating positive change for all.

In Resisterhood, we meet …

Dr. Jean Gearon, PH.D

Dr. Jean Gearon, Ph.D., (The Organizer) is the great-granddaughter of a suffragist who participated in the original women’s march in 1913. Jean’s political awakening begins the moment Trump is elected. The psychologist fights back by transforming her eight-member book club into the 400+ member Women’s Alliance for Democracy and Justice.

Margaret Morrison

Margaret Morrison (The Marcher) is a seasoned activist who marched from Selma to Montgomery in 1965. Now 84-years-old, Margaret’s legs are weak but her determination to stand for justice is stronger than ever. She attends march after march, beginning with the Women’s March in a pink pussy hat and wearing a Black Lives Matter badge, inspiring everyone around her including her 12-year-old grand-nephew, Dallas.

Luis & Soraida Gutierrez

Luis & Soraida Gutiérrez(The Insiders), a U.S. Congressman (Illinois-D) and his wife, fight for the rights of all Dreamers, immigrants, and families separated at the border. It is Soraida who encourages her husband to join the Women’s March and the duo’s lifelong passion for equality ignites their daughter, Jessica Gutiérrez, to run for Chicago’s City Council.

Joanna Lohman

Joanna Lohman (The Motivational Speaker) is a professional soccer player and self-proclaimed “Rainbow Warrior.” Following a season-ending injury, Joanna uses this setback as an opportunity to transform herself into a role model, activist and motivational speaker, standing up for gender equality and the rights of the LGBTQ+ community.

Mimi Hassanein

Mimi Hassanein (The Candidate), a woman of Egyptian heritage who becomes a victim of hate speech after the presidential election because she wears a hijab. She turns her fear into power as she runs for public office, with the support of her enormous family, including 15 grandchildren.

To say the last four years in America has been tumultuous is an understatement. Combining news headlines, government-appointed positions, school shooting women’s marches seeing it played out through the experiences of these purposeful women is indeed an eye-opener. With their own personal lives to handle each one shows us the meaning of having a dedicated purpose for making positive changes in laws and policies that will affect future generations. Many were arrested during the protest but their determination never wavered in the face of intimidation. But most importantly they are a reminder for us all to remember the women and many men who came before us that paved the way for our current voices to be heard. 

Director Cheryl Jacobs Crim After Her Arrest

Women all over the world are being trampled on, denied their rights, treated like second class citizens, have no say about their bodies, and live in daily fear. Many don’t have the luxury to speak out hold, rallies, and run for government positions. There is still a long way to go and a lot of work yet to be accomplished so if you take one thing away after watching Resisterhood it would be to remember that YOUR VOTE  and YOUR Voice matters.

Cheryl Jacobs Crim

Resisterhood won “Best Documentary” and “People’s Choice Award” at 2020 One Race Human Race International Film Festival; the “Award of Excellence” at the 2020 Impact Docs Awards; an “Exceptional Merit Award” at Docs Without Borders Film Festival; “Best Documentary,” “Best of the Fest” and “Best Director” at the 2020 Freedom Festival International in South Carolina; the “Storytelling Award” at the 2020 A Show for a Change Film Festival; the “Spotlight Award” at Harlem’s People’s Film Festival; and was a semifinalist at Berlin’s 2020 Courage Film Festival. The film is also an official 2020 selection of the Justice Matters Washington, D.C., International Film Festival; Enfoque International Film Festival in Puerto Rico; San Francisco Docfest; Catalina Film Festival; the Social Change Film Festival; Chicago’s Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival; and the Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival.

An Unshakable Productions film, Resisterhood was produced and directed by Cheryl Jacobs Crim, who also served as lead cinematographer. Co-producer and lead editor was Pippa McBride; editor was Paige Lee Smith.

What Can You Do?

There’s never been a more important time to make our voices heard by voting and encouraging others to do so!

Check out the Resisterhood voter toolkit online at www.ResisterhoodDoc.com

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