Actor Dominic Pace Returns to Small Screen after a 75,000-Mile successful “Star Wars” Road Trip

“What the hell just happened?” Dominic Pace was speaking to his 11-year-old son Benett. They were driving away from a Star Wars signing appearance in Sioux City, Iowa during the lockdown Summer of 2020. They were already a few weeks into the only Tour in America, and two thousand miles from Los Angeles. Heading east to see the Field of Dreams Field, they sat in the car in silence for a bit. Pace was just handed a Proclamation from the Mayor of Sioux City which named July 18th of 2020 “Dominic Pace Day.”

(Pace dressed up in character at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim to support The Starlight Children’s Foundation.)

Dominic Pace, a 20-plus-year Veteran of the small screen, has had a modest career. During that span, Pace has amassed over 90 Television Credits. Always taking jobs wherever they came, he has had his share of being in the shadows. 

(Pace with his oldest son Dante in 2021 in South Dakota during the tour.  Pace took Benett in 2020, and Dante in 2021)

A week after Sioux City, the Mayor of Cleveland, TN handed Pace the Key to the City. The following year on June 24th, the Mayor of Houston gave Pace another Proclamation… “Dominic Pace Day.”

This was all accomplished by Pace from 5 seconds of Screen Time as Bounty Hunter ‘Gekko’ in Season 1 of Disney Plus.

(Fans and Star Wars Community came out to meet Pace and support his passion for his Star Wars character, along with his support for small business.)

“It must’ve been about March of 2020. I can remember everything being shut down while sitting in the living room with my sons Dante and Benett. Netflix had a new show about a guy named Joe Exotic. I sat there thinking how low we have sunk. There was no way I was going to spend the next few months or years binge-watching shows as the country was in lockdown. There were riots on television. I can recall watching many small businesses burn down along with being shut down due to State Governments deciding what businesses were essential, and what wasn’t. I wanted to do something. I had absolutely no Star Power. I was given no Star Power with Star Wars, but I wanted to at least try and make a positive difference.”

(Star Wars Community gathering to show support in Salt Lake City, UT)

The son of an Italian Immigrant, Joseph Pace from the Calabria Region of Italy, Pace began studying at The Actors’ Studio in 1995. He stayed close to the Film Students at NYU, patiently paid his dues while waiting Tables, and scored a few gigs in New York City during his late teens. He was raised in the diverse town of Ossining, New York, where the ideology was that success would come through hard work and persistence. His resume slowly racked up credit after credit. Guest Stars on Desperate Housewives, NYPD Blue, Cold Case, The District, Superstore, etc…. 

Pace was invited to give a speech in New Orleans in the Fall of 2021 regarding his success from such a small opportunity. 

New Orleans was one of the major cities which inherited a significant amount of Italian Immigrants during the late 1800s/ early 1900s. There were lynchings of Italians at that time, as well as racial slurs hurled similar to what many ethnicities faced during that era. 

“Initially, I wanted my uncredited character nicknamed ‘Gekko’ to have a place in the future of the Star Wars franchise, but over time with this lengthy self-promotion and tour, it began to stand for a few things much more significant.”

Italians, Jews, and Irish were the major wave of immigrants a little over 100 years ago. Receiving little to no opportunity, along with many not knowing the English language, they learned to assimilate, and take any job they could in order to support their families. 

(A once in a Lifetime Road Trip with Pace’s youngest son, Benett.  Many Artists around the Nation paid tribute to Pace’s character ‘Gekko’ from The Mandalorian. A painter’s mural in South Bend, IN)

“In New Orleans, I gave a speech to a Sci-Fi community in regards to creating an opportunity even when there may be little to nothing there. Instead of complaining about what an industry or society owes you, that overall the world will appreciate you through effort and hard work. I stated that in honor of so many immigrants of ALL cultures. I was so proud to be able to give my two sons a front-row seat to this example of persistence.  Personally, I needed time away from Hollywood to regroup, as it’s been a long marathon I’ve endured for over 20 years.  A dear friend and former Male Super Model, Scott Benoit mentioned to me how he was never into the politics and spotlight of the business, but rather simply the work, as well as being real. It was refreshing to be out in America amongst genuine people who didn’t care what kind of car you drove.  I really need these three years to regroup and am so happy I was able to help so many.”

Pace had an agreement with many stores during the pandemic. For all the autographs he sold at the store, 15% would be given back to the store. He was able to raise over $30,000 for small business owners over the course of 3 years and over 75,000 miles. Pace appeared in over 35 States during the time. 

Dominic will make his return to the small screen in March. Chang Can Dunk is a new Feature Film for Disney Plus and Pace has landed a supporting role in the Production. He’ll also be pitted against members of The Broken Lizards Club in Season 4 of Tacoma FD, along with a role in an episode of the new ABC Series, The Company You Keep starring Milo Ventimiglia. 

Later in 2023, Pace will appear in Bonded Starring Jason Patric. 

Dominic Pace continues to be repped by CA Christina Scott Talent, Taher Abunadi, and Engage Artists Agency.

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