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Actor Dominic Pace Returns to Small Screen after a 75,000-Mile successful “Star Wars” Road Trip “What the hell just happened?” Dominic Pace was speaking to his 11-year-old son Benett. They were driving away from a Star Wars signing appearance in Sioux City, Iowa during the lockdown Summer of 2020. They were already a few weeks […]

Dominic Pace Signs On For Feature Film With Disney Plus

Veteran Actor, Dominic Pace, joins the cast of Chang Can Dunk Written and Directed By Jingyi Shao Veteran Character Actor Dominic Pace has been cast in a supporting role for Disney Plus in Chang Can Dunk. In Chang Can Dunk, a 16-year old, constantly marginalized, not-popular high school kid and wannabe basketball player becomes obsessed with the […]

Dominic Pace Shines As Beto In The Painters

In December 2017, Actor Dominic Pace flew to the island of Mallorca, Spain to begin production on The Painters. Written and Directed by Sam Larsson, The Painters tells a story of four house painters killing time in their van before their work day begins. Tim Maurice Jones was the Director of Photography (Snatch/Lock,Stock,Two Smoking Barrels)The […]


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