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A VIP Experience at Foskaris Wellness Spa


Entertainment Professionals spend a Day with Penny

(LtoR) Actress Krystina Bailey Brawer and Penny Foskaris

Owner Penny Foskaris hosted a VIP Spa day for selected guests and we were so excited to attend and experience a plethora of services.  The experience included Red Light Therapy, Body Composition evaluation, relaxation bed,  sauna, and more. Talent attending: Krystina Bailey Brawer(Actress/Author), Feliz McInnis( Multi-Media Artist & Fashion Designer), Leilani Turner(Actress/Producer), Keyla Wood(Actress)

The mission at Foskaris Wellness is to provide our clients with the best possible solutions so they can achieve their health and wellness goals quickly. Using Penny’s proprietary methodology combined with cutting-edge technology, Penny creates individualized plans for each and every person helping them feel their very best.

To learn more visit-www.foskariswellness.com

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