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‘Love Is on the Air’ With BUZZR This Valentine’s Day!


BUZZR is dedicating five nights to marriage, merriment, and making whoopee!

On BUZZR, we feel that Valentine’s Day deserves to be celebrated all week long! So, in honor of Cupid’s favorite holiday, here are some tips to help set the mood: Light the candles, dim the lights, grab your sweetheart, and turn on BUZZR!

Join the fun! BUZZR’s “Love Is on the Air” airs Monday, February 13th to Friday, February 17th from 8:00p to 11:00p ET / 5:00p to 8:00p PT

Enjoy five love-filled Valentine’s Nights with back-to-back Bob Eubanks and Gary Kroeger-hosted episodes of THE NEWLYWED GAME.

BUZZR is a pop culture time capsule – a non-stop celebration where viewers can play along with some of Fremantle’s vast portfolio of more than 40,000 iconic game show episodes, which are shown around the clock.  Featured titles include Match Game, where Gene Rayburn hosts a mad-capped panel of celebrity guests; Supermarket Sweep where shoppers run wild through the aisles; as well as perennial favorites like Press Your Luck, Classic Concentration, The Newlywed Game, Password, Tattletales, and many more.  Visit the website at http://buzzrtv.com.

About Fremantle

Fremantle is one of the world’s largest and most successful creators, producers, and distributors of Entertainment, Drama & Film, and Documentaries.

Operating in 27 territories we are a proudly independent group of content creators. We produce and deliver high-quality multi-genre IP including some of the biggest entertainment formats, most watched international dramas, award-winning films, and hard-hitting documentaries, amplifying local stories on a global scale.

From Idols to This England, The Price is Right to The Hand of GodThe Farmer Wants A Wife to Arctic DriftFamily Feud to My Brilliant Friend, and Bones & All to Planet Sex our focus is simple – we create and deliver irresistible entertainment.

We are also a world leader in digital and branded entertainment with more than 470 million fans across 1,500 social channels and over 34 billion views per year across all platforms.

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Website: http://buzzrtv.com

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