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Nat Geo Shines a Light on Black Travel With Their Latest Show


Interview with Martinique Lewis Host of ‘Black Travel Across America’ on NATGEO

The show will air on Disney+ in the United States on February 24th, 2023

We had a chance to chat with Travel Consultant Martinique on her journey doing the show. Martinique Lewis is an award-winning diversity in travel consultant, president of the Black Travel Alliance, named one of the Most Influential People in Travel by both Travel and Leisure and Travel Pulse, and the creator of “The ABC Travel Greenbook” — the No. 1 resource connecting travelers to the African diaspora globally.

Trusted amongst her peers, she is always connecting the dots to ensure the travel industry is mindful of diversity, not just as a buzzword but as an action that produces results. As a digital disruptor who is immensely in love with all things travel, she strives to change the narrative by advocating for travelers who represent different demographics across multiple platforms.

Working directly with tourism boards and travel brands, she creates exciting and influential content. Her mission is to change the face of tourism forever so that we all feel represented and see ourselves reflected.

Host, Martinique Lewis will be tapping into the history of Ruby Jean’s Juicery in her interview with the owner, Chris Goode. (National Geographic for Disney/Victoria Donfor)

Black Travel Across America is streaming on Hulu

About The Show

In a time of racial prejudice, price gouging, and physical violence, safe travel was all but inaccessible to many Americans. Victor Hugo Green, pulling from his experiences as a Harlem-based postal worker, wrote a guide that would revolutionize travel for the African American community: “The Negro Motorist Green Book.” Published annually from 1936 to 1966, this travel guidebook provided a list of hotels, restaurants, and service stations from Connecticut to California that served African American patrons. A few of these historic landmarks still stand today. In this documentary, a host will embark on a coast-to-coast road trip to visit historically listed “Green Book” locations. Our host(s) will visit these modern-day historic landmarks and gain valuable stories and knowledge of these locations from local experts. Throughout this journey, we will learn of the fantastic Black businesses and safe havens that boomed in a time of racial strife.

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