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Italian Ancestry Workshops  March 29 & 30

Italian Ancestry Workshops March 29 & 30


 Italian Genealogy & Ancestral Citizenship Discovering Your Ancestral Records in Italy and in the USA

Millions of Americans identify themselves as having Italian ancestry. If you’re one of them, this workshop might be of interest to you!

Part 1 is a two-hour in-class workshop about how to acquire the documents relevant to families that emigrated from Southern Italy to the U.S. Geared towards novice to intermediate genealogists, this hands-on workshop covers methods on how to utilize immigration records, government archives, and church documents to build a family tree.

Part 2 is an online workshop of one and a half hours. It provides you with basic information on how to navigate your process of cittadinanza italiana via your ancestry.

The presenter Bill Cellini, Jr. has 25 years of experience working with, translating, and interpreting Italian genealogical vital records in the United States and in Italy.

 No knowledge of Italian is needed

Please note that the speaker does not provide any legal advice or act on behalf of any government entity

Part 1: Wednesday, March 29, 2023, in person | 6:30-8:30 pm

Part 2: Thursday, March 30, 2023, online | 6:30-8 pm

  • Fee Part 1: $105
  • Fee Part 2: $55
  • Fee Part 1 & 2: $150
  •   RSVP mandatory

To register, email classes.iicla@esteri.it or call 310 824 7408

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