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Annual Fundraising Food Drive Goes Mobile in Los Angeles

Annual Fundraising Food Drive Goes Mobile in Los Angeles


Feed The Streets Cali plans to host its 5th Annual 24-hour live telethon from the road

This year’s 5th Annual Feed The Streets Cali 24-hour Telethon will be hosted live while traveling through the streets of Los Angeles.

During this yearʼs fundraiser, along with the standard celebrity interviews and promotions for local Black-owned businesses, Feed the Streets will be giving away 5,000 care packages and other essentials to the unhoused residents of the Greater L.A. area.

“We strongly believe that, while we mainly serve unhoused communities, all of us go through hard times. Feed the Streets Cali wants to be there to lend that helping hand, to love on you when you’re down”, comments Vice President, A. Brytney Reaves. This year, Feed the Streets Cali will travel all across Los Angeles on July 7th to meet, greet, and giveaway to those in need a helping hand.

Cosandra Calloway

“Let’s just spread some love”, President Cosandra Calloway says. “There’s more than enough of that other stuff. Everyone that works with us leaves with a smile, a laugh, and goods to help them make it to another day. It can’t get any better than that!”

Feed the Streets Cali is seeking to partner with companies that provide unhoused individuals services like grooming, makeovers, showers, healthy eating, clothes, hygiene, and survival or safety supplies. The foundation is also looking for sponsors to help with transportation, catering for the volunteers, promotional items, bags, and outreach. If you or someone you know would like to volunteer, sponsor, partner as a service provider, or enroll your organization, event, or brick-and-mortar business as a stop during the tour across L.A., please call the Callywood Media team at 347-407-4382 or send an email to feedthestreetscalifoundation@gmail.com.

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Website: www.feedthestreetscali.org

Please visit www.givesignup.org/g/m6sc66 to donate today.

About Us

Feed the Streets Cali (FTSC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that was birthed from the heart of Cosandra Calloway more than ten years prior to its formation. Over the years, she’s fed and clothed thousands of people single-handedly through her own efforts and Hollywood connections. As a social organization, FTSC has captured the support of the City of Hawthorne, L.A. Works, Sign with Me, Inc., The W.I.L.D. Company, and so many others. While the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles is at its greatest height and seems ever-expanding, FTSC is devoted to making life just a little bit easier for Angelenos everywhere one care package at a time.

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