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Celebrate Juneteenth at Leimert Park Village

Celebrate Juneteenth at Leimert Park Village


Leimert Park Village Merchants Association & the Leimartians
celebrates Juneteenth

On Saturday, June 17th the Leimert Park Village Merchants Association will present a Juneteenth unity celebration, freedom, and community with special guest Rizza Islam. The event is from 12-9 pm at Historic Leimert Park Village, 4339 Degnan Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90008, and will include music, food trucks, vendors, family activities, a resource booth, and panel discussions.

About the Organizer Queen Aminah

Queen Aminah, President of the Leimert Park Village Merchants Association and organizer of the event understands the importance of the community to honor Juneteenth.  In the 1970’s Queen Aminah and her twin sister, Denice, were among the first blacks to own a boutique, La D’ecouvert which means The Discovery, in Beverly Hills from 1976 – 1981. They manufactured and sold mini-skirts utilizing the skills and talents of local fashion students. The two enterprising sisters, originally from Detroit, were featured in several publications including The Contributions of Black Women to America and Black Enterprise Magazine.

But in 1980 Sis. Aminah heard the Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan for the first time. During his lecture, he told the women to cover and she immediately complied. For several years, Sis Aminah traveled with the wife of The Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad, renowned scholar, musician, designer and so much more, Mother Tynetta Muhammad. It was Mother Tynetta who always encouraged her to design a line of her own. These experiences coupled with the inspiration from the teachings of the Most Hon. Elijah Muhammad to become manufactures, a desire to be obedient to his guidance, and a love for fashion and culture have continued to fuel Sis. Aminah’s drive to provide beautiful garments not just for women but for the entire family.

 About Leimert Park Village Merchants Association

The Leimert Park Village Merchants Association (LPVMA) is a dynamic organization that plays a pivotal role in the vibrant Leimert Park Village community. As a collective of local business owners and entrepreneurs, the LPVMA is dedicated to promoting and supporting the growth and prosperity of the businesses within Leimert Park Village.

Leimert Park Village, located in the heart of South Los Angeles, California, is a historic neighborhood known for its rich cultural heritage and artistic expression. It has long been recognized as a hub for African American arts, culture, and commerce. The LPVMA acknowledges the significance of this heritage and works tirelessly to preserve and enhance the unique identity of Leimert Park Village.

In addition to advocacy and networking, the LPVMA undertakes various initiatives to promote the businesses and culture of Leimert Park Village. The association organizes events such as art festivals, live performances, and community markets, which not only drive foot traffic to the area but also showcase the talents and offerings of local businesses. These events serve as catalysts for economic growth while celebrating the artistic legacy of the neighborhood.

Overall, the Leimert Park Village Merchants Association is crucial in fostering a thriving and inclusive business community in Leimert Park Village. Through its advocacy efforts, networking opportunities, cultural events, and educational initiatives, the association empowers its members to achieve collective success while preserving the unique heritage of the neighborhood. By working together, the LPVMA continues to shape the future of Leimert Park Village as a vibrant and prosperous hub of African American culture, commerce, and creativity. Visit-Leimert Park Village Merchants Association


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