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Hulu’s Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs 

Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs — (Courtesy of Hulu)

It might not be for everyone but the Sozahdahs sisters understood the risks and forged ahead in the unscripted world of tv world. Beautiful and intelligent they are breaking conventions and sharing their life with a global audience.

Raw, authentic, and rife with shocking revelations, this new unscripted series follows 10 Muslim American sisters whose faith and bonds are tested while navigating cultural expectations, their careers, and love in Los Angeles. The number #1 rule The Sozahdah sisters swear by is “family over everything.” But what happens when the secrets these sisters hold sacred are revealed and the TV show they thought would bring them together threatens to tear them apart?

Secrets & Sisterhood: The Sozahdahs is streaming on Hulu


Jamila and Khadija

  KHADIJA (#3): Khadija has always been guided by her faith and traditional values. As the third eldest, she’s ready to dish out some tough love, sound advice, and of course, some playful teasing. Khadija is a financial planning wizard, helping thousands secure their futures by optimizing their retirement plans. When she’s not crunching numbers, she’s out being the ultimate cheerleader for her kids and devoted to supporting them in all their sports, activities, and dreams. She gracefully balances the checkbooks of her clients, and the rollercoaster lives of her sisters, offering guidance and support whenever they need it. Khadija is a vigilant protector of the family with a fun-loving nature, often the first and last on the dance floor.

Shakur and Rabya

  RABYA (#4): Rabya is a highly accomplished individual with a master’s degree in business administration, committed to enhancing human well-being, particularly for those living in poverty and vulnerable situations. As the fourth born, Rabya’s sisters have complete confidence in her ability to overcome any obstacle, relying on her steadfast commitment to achieving outstanding outcomes, regardless of the difficulty of the task. While Rabyais is known to be witty and enjoys having a good time, she is also able to balance her social life with her work commitments effectively, reflecting her strong sense of responsibility and discipline.

 SHAKUR (#5): Shakur Sozahdah, sister #5 and leader of the “Wolf Pack” is a brilliant multi-hyphenate. With over 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry, Shakur has conquered various creative roles, including acting, modeling, rapping, dancing, producing, directing, and writing. Her diverse skill set led her to create a docu-series that showcases her family’s experiences as the first Muslim American Afghan family navigating the world through their lens…something that has never been done in the realm of television. Beyond entertainment, Shakur also has artistry and mastery in flipping and building houses, multi-family apartment complexes, and commercial buildings. She combines her expertise in both industries to create unique and inspiring projects. Shakur’s dedication and creativity have made her a true force to be reckoned with leaving a lasting impact on both the entertainment and business worlds.

JAMILA (#7): Jamila Sozahdah, a board-certified Physician Associate and entrepreneur in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, is known as the family’s “Dr. Jamila,” and is always available to lend her medical expertise to loved ones. As the seventh born, she is a savvy businesswoman with a playful goofy side, proving that a boss can be both serious and fun-loving. Her latest venture, Society In Scrubs (SIIS), merges fashion and function to create stylish and practical clothing for healthcare and wellness professionals. Jamila not only dedicates her time to philanthropy by serving on the board of a non-profit organization that supports refugee women and children, but she also produces and hosts yearly charity galas that bring the community together for a good cause. As the driving force behind putting on events, Jamila creates memorable experiences that bring loved ones closer together.  Her motto to make a positive impact on the world is an inspiration for all those who strive to give back.

Cast Interviews/Hamida, Nooreya, Siddiqa

SIDDIQA (#8): Siddiqa Sozahdah’s curiosity and infectious passion for life are matched only by her fearless spirit and willingness to speak her mind. As the 8th born, her multiple degrees and numerous certifications have paved the way for her to excel in various fields, including being an ER and OR registered nurse, successful businesswoman, and humanitarian. Siddiqa’s latest pursuit involves co-founding Society in Scrubs (SIIS), a fashionable and functional scrub line that will also provide medical professionals with comfortable attire for disaster aid missions. This business venture also aligns with Siddiqa’s humanitarian work as a portion of the proceeds will go towards generating funds to support refugees around the world. Siddiqa’sglobal connections and passion for bringing people together is evident in her role as the orchestrator of trips and gatherings that unite her family.

NOOREYA (#9): Nooreya Sozahdah, known as sister #9, is a bright and rising force in the investment industry. She is the Director of Operations in a private equity firm focusing on early-stage companies across several sectors, real estate development, and professional soccer franchises. Nooreyabelieves that with passion, discipline, and a commitment to creating positive change, anyone can make a difference and inspire others to do the same. She aspires to blaze new trails by starting a fund to support fellow female minorities and provide opportunities for those who may not have access to traditional investment channels. She enjoys daily meditation and has an unparalleled love for noodles and all things spicy. Nooreya is a steady, old soul with a pragmatic perspective, endless witty quips, and a big-hearted belly laugh that can be heard for miles.

HAMIDA (#10): Introducing Hamida Sozahdah, the enigmatic baby sister of the bunch! Despite being the youngest, she exudes a carefree and adventurous spirit that keeps her constantly on the move. Armed with a master’s degree in psychology and a license in Behavioral Therapy, she’s an expert at working with kids on the Autism spectrum and those with specific needs. When she’s not busy being a therapist, Hamida’s passport is her BFF as she’s always jet-setting across the globe, immersing herself in new cultures and experiences. Impressively, she’s fluent in 4 different languages! It seems that learning new languages comes naturally to Hamida, who can pick up a new language faster than most people can say “hello” in one.

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