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Tony Stavola and Charlene Tilton Win Awards for Leydenville


Tony Stavola, Charlene Tilton, and some of the “Leydenville” additional cast and crew graced the red carpet at Regal Cinemas Live LA for the 2023 Independent Shorts Awards. Tony Stavola received the Best Actor Award and Charlene Tilton received the Best Supporting Actress award for their performance in the short film “Leydenville”.

Leydenville follows the story of Nick (Tony Stavola), an aging car salesman, who is forced to take a leave of absence due to health issues, he vows to slow down and try something new. His devoted wife, Carol(Charlene Tilton), suggests that he write a memoir about growing up in a small town, and Nick loves the idea. He travels back to his childhood home for inspiration, but what he discovers there leaves him profoundly shaken. Together, Nick and Carol must struggle to comprehend a series of inexplicable events, not realizing how much their lives will forever change.

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