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Can You Survive Five Nights At Freddy’s?


In Theaters and on Peacock October 27th

Reviewed by Matthew Roxas-Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) is a horror game that’s been a cult favorite among gamers for years. Created by Scott Cawthon, this unique and nerve-wracking experience has spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs. This Halloween the game is now a movie directed by Emma Tammy and starring Josh Hutcherson.

Josh Hutcherson shines as the lead, portraying a damaged big brother determined to protect his sister while unraveling the ghostly secrets of his family’s past. His performance is believable and heartfelt, drawing the audience into his character’s journey.

Visually, the film sticks to its roots with neon lights and an 80s-style restaurant that oozes nostalgia. There are hints of blood and gore, but they’re not excessive, keeping the film suitable for a wider audience. The blend of metal and animatronics provides an eerie and creepy atmosphere that fans of the game will appreciate. The animatronic characters in Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNaF) are a central element of the game’s and the film’s horror. They are the main source of terror and tension as they come to life at night, creating an unnerving atmosphere. The combination of their eerie appearances and the fear of what they might do next is what makes Five Nights at Freddy’s a unique and chilling horror movie

The storyline of Five Nights at Freddy’s has a universal appeal and can warm the heart of any moviegoer. However, there is a confusing plot element involving recurring dreams that may leave some viewers scratching their heads. Despite this, the central theme of overcoming trauma and cherishing the present moment with loved ones remains clear and relatable.

The dialogue and writing in the film are well-executed, skillfully balancing the dark and grim moments with lighter, humorous ones. The pacing of the movie is well-balanced, seamlessly switching between the main character’s house and the titular establishment. The soundtrack, inspired by the 80s, adds to the overall ambiance, featuring synthesizers and robotic voices that perfectly complement the animatronic characters. The story alone is what drew me towards the movie. It wasn’t comforting, but the character progression stood out to me. This movie was entertaining to watch, and several scenes caused the audience to cheer. Very much recommend watching this movie this Halloween. 

Overall, Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror movie that manages to evoke both scares and sentimentality. With strong performances, striking visuals, and a well-crafted storyline, it successfully brings the game to life and keeps fans engaged.

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