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Oscars® Nominees Soiree at The Luxurious Beverly Hilton!


It was a day of excitement at the Beverly Hilton Hotel as the nominees of the 96th ACADEMY AWARDThe 96th Oscar Nominees Luncheon, held on February 12, 2024, at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills, California, was a star-studded event attended by a host of celebrated actors and filmmakers. Notable attendees included Jeffrey Wright, America Ferrera, Sterling K. Brown, Cord Jefferson, Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, Lily Gladstone, Annette Bening, Margot Robbie, Greta Gerwig, Mark Ronson, Carey Mulligan, Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., and many others. These luminaries were there to celebrate their nominations and mingle with their peers in the industry.

(Top L to R) Margot Robbie, Colman Domingo (Bottom L to R) Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt

The Oscars® Nominees Luncheon, held amidst the glamour of Beverly Hills, provided a momentous occasion for the talented individuals recognized for their outstanding contributions to the world of cinema. As nominees mingled and exchanged stories, anticipation and excitement filled the air, setting the stage for the forthcoming awards ceremony.

Jeffrey Wright was nominated for Best Actor in “American Fiction,” America Ferrera for Best Supporting Actress in “Barbie,” and Sterling K. Brown for Best Supporting Actor in “American Fiction.” Other nominees featured at the luncheon included Mark Ruffalo for Best Supporting Actor and Tony McNamara for Best Adapted Screenplay in “Poor Things,” Diane Warren for Best Music (Original Song) from “Flamin’ Hot,” and Robbie Brenner for Best Picture for “Barbie.”

Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, both Oscar veterans, were also in attendance, marking another notable appearance together after their acclaimed performances in past films. Stone, known for her versatile roles, and Gosling, celebrated for his compelling performances, added star power to the event.

The luncheon also saw the presence of filmmakers and actors from critically acclaimed films such as “Oppenheimer” and “Barbie.” Greta Gerwig, despite being snubbed for the Best Director category, attended in light of her nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay for “Barbie.” Cillian Murphy, recognized for his role in “Oppenheimer,” was among the favorites for Best Actor.

This gathering served not only as a celebration of the year’s cinematic achievements but also as an egalitarian affair where nominees from various categories, including first-timers, could interact with industry veterans. The luncheon underscored the communal spirit of the Oscars, bringing together the creative forces behind this year’s most memorable films for a moment of recognition and camaraderie before the main event​

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