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Season 2 Premieres March 28th on Prime Video

Jeff Daniels (‘Detective Del Harris’) in American Rust: Broken Justice/CreditDennis Mong/Prime Video
Copyright: Amazon MGM Studios

Dan Futterman Creator and  Executive Producer and Adam Rapp Showrunner and Executive Producer shares how American Rust: Broken Justice came to life. We also had a chance to chat with Alex Neustaedter (Billy Poe ) Mark Pellegrino (Virgil Poe), Luna Lauren Velez (Detective Angela Burgos), Rob Yang( Chief Steve Park) and Julia Mayorga, (Lee English).

The wait for Season 2 of “American Rust” has felt like an eternity, especially after the initial run aired back in 2021. Fans of the show were disheartened when Showtime decided not to continue the series past its first season, leaving many hanging and craving closure for the complex narratives we’d begun to unravel. However, in a twist of fate that seemed almost too good to be true, Amazon Prime Video and its streaming channel Freevee saw something special in “American Rust.”

Thanks to the vision of showrunners Dan Futterman and Adam Rapp, along with the undeniable chemistry of Jeff Daniels and Maura Tierney, the series found a new home. This move not only revived the beloved drama but also ensured that the gripping tales of Buell, Pennsylvania, wouldn’t go untold. It’s a testament to the show’s quality and its dedicated fanbase that “American Rust” has been given a second life, allowing viewers to dive back into the tangled lives of its characters.

“American Rust: Broken Justice” Season 2 delves deeper into the tangled webs of crime, justice, and personal redemption in the rusting heart of America, offering viewers a complex narrative that bridges the gap between despair and hope.

This season returns to the gritty backdrop of Buell, Pennsylvania, reengaging with Del Harris(Jeff Daniels), the conflicted police chief(Rob Yang) played with a brooding intensity by the show’s lead. His return to the Pittsburgh Police Department and subsequent involvement in a high-profile bombing case serves as the season’s central narrative arc, intertwining with the personal struggles and aspirations of Buell’s residents.

Luna Lauren Velez (‘Detective Angela Burgos’) and Jeff Daniels (‘Detective Del Harris’) in American Rust: Broken Justice/CreditDennis Mong/Prime Video
Copyright: Amazon MGM Studios

Del’s partnership with Angela(Luna Lauren Velez) introduces a new dynamic that enriches the storyline, presenting a duo that navigates the murky waters of law enforcement in a city riddled with corruption and moral ambiguity. Their case, fraught with complexity, not only tests their skills as detectives but also pushes Del into the morally gray areas he has continuously struggled to navigate.

The show excels in its portrayal of the other side of the American dream, focusing on characters like Billy(Alex Neustaedter) whose journey from prison to pursuing a semblance of normal life encapsulates themes of resilience and redemption. His investment in a piece of land for Grace( Maura Tierney) highlights a poignant attempt at providing stability and hope amidst the chaos of their lives.

Grace’s character development is particularly compelling, as she leverages her newfound property to carve out economic independence, demonstrating the strength and determination of those often overlooked in America’s heartland. The exploration of relationships—Billy and Lee’s(Julia Mayorga) uncertain future, Isaac’s(David Alvarez ) acceptance of his sexuality, and Virgil’s( Mark Pellegrino) unending schemes—adds layers of complexity and realism to the narrative, reflecting the multifaceted nature of human connections and struggles.

Production value Software
Production value Software

The arrival of Steve Park as Buell’s new Chief of Police introduces a fresh antagonist in Del’s life, setting the stage for a confrontation that promises to unravel the deeper connections between the characters and the crimes of West Virginia.

However, the season’s most gripping element is the series of murders that rock Buell, weaving a suspenseful thread that challenges the characters’ perceptions of justice and morality, and keeps the audience on the edge of their seats.

While “American Rust: Broken Justice” Season 2 navigates its expansive narrative landscape with dexterity, it occasionally falters under the weight of its own ambition, with some storylines feeling under explored or rushed. Nonetheless, its unflinching examination of the American Rust Belt, marked by stellar performances and a nuanced portrayal of socio-economic despair, makes it a compelling watch.

Season 2 of “American Rust: Broken Justice” is a gritty, emotionally charged continuation that captures the complexities of life and law in a part of America that is all too often forgotten. With its blend of suspense, drama, and a deep dive into the human condition, it remains a must-watch for fans of the genre.


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