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Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters

Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters


Exclusively On Black Experience on Xfinity and Xumo

Black Experience on Xfinity, comedian, actor, writer, and director Affion Crockett, and producer Delmar Washington (Ximen Media), celebrated the new, three-part innovative comedy series,  Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters, with a world premiere red carpet event at the Regal LA Live in Los Angeles. The highly-anticipated comedy series is the first-ever standalone comedy special with comedians Ron G., Kanisha Buss, and Brandon Lewis and includes behind-the-scenes footage and one-on-one interviews.

Comedian and producer Affion Crockett poses for a photo at the Black Experience on Xfinity red carpet world premiere event of Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters in Los Angeles on March 20, 2024.

Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters premiered, Thursday, March 21, on Comcast’s Black Experience on Xfinity channel, X1 and Xumo. The series was produced by Delmar Washington’s production company, Ximen Media

The evening kicked off with Loren Hudson, SVP and Chief Diversity Officer for Comcast Cable, providing opening remarks before introducing comedian, actor, writer, and director, Affion Crockett, producer Delmar Washington (Ximen Media), and comedians Ron G., Kanisha Buss, and Brandon Lewis. During their introductions, the group shouted out Guy Torrey, comedian and creator of LA’s famed “Phat Tuesdays,” popular comedy showcase, which received applause from the full theater.  After which, attendees were treated to the first look at the newly-released comedy series, Affion Crockett Presents Microphone Masters. The evening continued at the afterparty celebration at Corteza at Sendero, which featured a live DJ set from DJ OHLA.

Affion Crockett Presents: Microphone Masters highlights three emerging comedians – Ron G., Kanisha Buss, and Brandon Lewis. All three featured comedians have already left a mark in their growing careers – including Kanisha guest appearing on Laugh Out Loud by Kevin Hart, alongside networks such as Comedy Central and MTV2; and Brandon hosting Roast Me and All Def Digital with over 4 million subscribers. This series will be the first-ever standalone comedy special for each comedian. Beyond the planned individual sets, each comedian’s one-hour broadcast will also include behind-the-scenes footage of the pre-taped show filmed in Los Angeles and one-on-one interviews for a more intimate and personal look at all three performers.

Launched in 2021, Black Experience on Xfinity features the ultimate in Black storytelling from Black programming partners and film studios and has released a variety of original documentaries and specials, like Microphone Masters, showcasing Black talent and content creators. The Black Experience on Xfinity Channel is the first-of-its-kind, curated destination of Black content, endorsed by the African American Film Critics Association.

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