Wrestlemassacre is a low budget gore-fest fan’s dreams of revenge. This dark comedy horror flick focuses on mild-mannered groundskeeper Randy (Richie Acevedo) who has dreams of becoming a wrestling star like his father.

Similar to Bill Murray’s hilarious groundskeeper character in Caddy Shack, Randy is dismissed as an idiot and no one has respect for him, except one of his clients, Becky, because she feels pity for him because of the way her boyfriend Owen mistreats Randy.

After being caught being a peeping Tom for another client’s girlfriend, Randy is beaten up and fired from his job. Feeling the weight of his miserable life closing in on him, Randy watches a commercial for a local wrestling camp with great interest. Later that evening, a demon in his dream inspires him to enroll into that camp and claim his fame by any means necessary. Startled awake from this nightmare, Randy enrolls in the wrestling camp the next day. But yet again, he’s humiliated by being defeated in the ring by an elderly former pro-wrestler and made a laughing stock by the entire camp. 

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With his self-esteem at a record low, Randy visits his father to tell him about his wrestling camp experience. But his father is the latest person to berate him and tells Randy that he’s worthless. And just like that, the serial killer wrestler maniac is born via Randy’s psychotic break and his father becomes his first victim.

The demonic possession turns Randy into a mindless killer dressed for the WWE ring, who massacres all who has wronged him in horrific ways. With inspirations from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Silence of the Lambs, the skins of all his victims are combined to create the ultimate trophy for Randy and his evil wrestling glory.

Wrestlemassacre is a nerd revenge story that has some very, very funny moments and some equally outrageously gory deaths that fans of B-horror films will thoroughly enjoy.

Wrestlemassacre, stars Richie Acevedo aka The Cuban Assassin, The WWE’s Tony Atlas, Julio Bana Fernandez (“House of Cards”), Jason John Beebe  (Crossbreed) and Canadian pro wrestler  Rene Dupree, available On Demand DVD June 16, 2020 from Wild Eye Releasing.

Reviewed by Simone CromerTwitter: @theatreofzen


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