Classical crossover superstar singer Summer Watson announces the release of her latest single “Break The Silence”, a deeply moving song that incorporates classical textures over an overall pop track. With a musical approach compared to Adele, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston, she delivers a striking performance on her new single. 

On her long-awaited return and after fighting breast cancer, Summer Watson displays a rare vocal maturity and artistry, heavily influenced by her classical background.

“Break The Silence” is a scream from the heart in which Summer shares the many painful moments and situations she had to go through during these unfortunate events.

Summer Watson graduated from the Royal College of Music, and throughout her education, she has received numerous individual awards and grants. Shortly after graduating, she paved the way for signing a contract with Sony. Summer Watson became the first-ever classical crossover artist to sign a £1mln deal with the label and started recording an album with the Royal Philharmonic at the acclaimed Abbey Road Studios and AIR Studios. The work on the album was tragically stopped due to a train crash she experienced. The accident led to the broadening of her understanding of how fragile life is, and how essential it is to thrive more and live life to the fullest. Summer Watson, once the album titled Summer was released, landed #1 iTunes charts in the US, and #2 in the UK classical charts. 

Described as “a classically trained vocalist whose rich and sumptuous voice can soar effortlessly over music written by some of the world’s all-time greatest composers”, Summer Watson has since performed in various public and private events in Europe, Asia, and the US, and recorded soundtracks for multiple independent films.

In 2014 Summer Watson was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. Her fighting spirit, drive, and determination took center-stage, as she successfully fought and overcame that hurdle. Summer’s experiences embraced her inner warrior, and now, with a fierce attitude, she can win any obstacles, as she always approaches life with positivity, and wants to empower and motivate others to stay strong and never give up.

Currently residing in LA, Summer’s ambition and appreciation of life has given way in sharing her experiences with the public, to encourage them to live in the present as much as possible. Her new single produced by Grammy Award winner Richard Furch is filled with an accumulation of emotions, experience, talent, and charisma.

‘Break The Silence’ is an outcome of Summer Watson’s shift in musical interests, as she swings from classical to mainstream. Summer was always interested in blending genres and experimenting with her sounds. Her new material is a powerful and liveful pop and contemporary word tune that exposes her talents in a brand new light.  Summer Watson delivers her signature polished vocal performance, with a track that reflects her vivid creativity and natural ability to translate her emotions and messages into a heavenly sound. The song represents her signature sound: a classical crossover with perfectly symmetrical features of her operatic and captivating soprano vocal, distilling an instantly appealing pop vibe. “Break The Silence” channels Summer’s strong-willed spirit of a warrior who is ready to fight for a better future.

Summer Watson accompanies her stunning return by announcing a live performance for an upcoming virtual event with David Tutera – Dinner with David Under the Malibu Sun. The virtual dinner celebration was broadcasted live on Facebook and YouTube on Saturday, Sept 19, 2020, at 6 pm PST. Dinner with David’s show focuses on creating connections, building friendships, and having fun while discussing meaningful issues and highlighting inspiring stories.

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