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Horror-Thriller ‘Blood Pageant’ Set For Summer Release From Vision Films

Blood Pageant will be available on all major streaming platforms on June 29, followed by DVD at major online retailers on July 20

Reviewed by Me’Chele Sevanesian-Directed by Harvey Lowry “Blood Pageant” takes on the world of reality television using the horror genre as its template. Seven beautiful women Crystal (Castro), Amy (Destefano), Chloe (Chen), Mocha (Cortez), Lucie (Savostikova), Peyton (Day), and Isabella (Adams) enter the latest edition of American Dream, hosted by Barry (Chokachi) a scripted reality show to compete in a singing competition. During the competition, one of the women is using dark spiritual magic against the others in an attempt to have a spiritual leg up. Soon the other contestants are literally battling for their lives. And what should have been a fun healthy competition becomes a nightmare you want to escape.

The film pokes fun at pop culture stereotypes of these shows and all the “experts” that help with chakra clearing, vision boards, and of course the indispensable life coaches. And of the classic battle between good vs evil. The cast lineup is quite interesting with Snoop Dog in every almost every scene and really who doesn’t like watching him perform. Beverly Mitchell, a great actress whose performance in this film was a little bit overzealous and sometimes off-putting. But it might have been exactly what the director wanted for her character and for this type of parody. Juliana DeStefano also did a really good job, but I did feel Stephen’s Baldwin character was just a bit over the top. Overall the cast lineup is pretty impressive with some familiar faces you will enjoy watching.

Using the reality competition world as a jumping-off point alludes to the way these shows have an impact on today’s society. Everyone is judged when they are in the public eye and the pressure to win will drive many to unscrupulous actions. Though I liked the film, I did feel some aspects of it needed to be scarier. And I think the run time could have been shorter to get the point across.

With this being said my final overall score for the film would be a 3/10 if it is supposed to be a serious horror film. About a 9/10 if it’s a parody film. I really think that if it is a serious film there were a lot better ways that they could’ve gone with the acting, set direction, and choice of camera shots. But if it is supposed to be a comedic take on competitions in reality TV and horror movies then they did an amazing job really making fun of that world. So if you are going to watch it, which I do recommend, see it more from that comedic angle instead of the serious and frightening tone you would expect from a horror film. With that mindset gather some friends, grab some popcorn and enjoy “Blood Pageant”.

Starring Stephen Baldwin (The Usual Suspects), David Chokachi (Baywatch), Ted Lange (The Love Boat), Beverley Mitchell (7th Heaven), Ellia English as Madame Destiny (The Jamie Foxx Show), and introducing Juliana DeStefano and JoAnna de Castro. The film also features Snoop Dogg, Matthew Marsden (Transformers, Resident Evil: Extinction), and Danielle C. Ryan (Criminal MindsLost & FoundThe Cat in the Hat) playing themselves as the pageant’s celebrity judges.

Blood Pageant will be available on all major streaming platforms on June 29, followed by DVD at major online retailers on July 20. 

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