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Linked by Love Red Carpet Premiere and Gala

Producer Nicole Mendez attends “Linked by Love” Los Angeles Premiere and Gala at DGA , Los Angeles, CA February 28, 2023

Nicole Mendez co-creator of Linked By Love hosted a red carpet premiere screening and   gala of the 6 episode  “edutainment” series supported by the Mendez National Institute of Transplantation Foundation  ( MNITF) to provide vital information about kidney disease, prevention of kidney disease, kidney failure, transplantation, and living donation. 

Linked by Love was created with the African-American/Black community as its primary target audience with a culturally relevant plot to help seamlessly communicate the key educational points. 

Linked by Love follows the Morris family’s triumph in battling kidney failure. It is a fictional story intended to educate those at-risk for kidney disease, with CKD or in kidney failure about the prevention of kidney disease and failure; and kidney transplantation as a treatment option for kidney failure. 

MNITF is a public non-profit organization that adheres to its mission of advancing the science and practice of organ transplantation and end-stage organ disease therapies through research, education, and innovation. To learn more visit:https://www.mnitf.org

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