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Renowned R&B Historian Tyrone DuBose Will Bring His Book, “The Four Seasons of R&B” to Life in New Television Series on kweliTV


The show is scheduled to be released in July 2023.

kweliTV, one of the first black-owned streaming services that curate black stories and culture, announced today that it will produce and air a new television series based on his number one critically acclaimed book, “The Four Seasons of R&B,” by renowned R&B Historian and author, Tyrone DuBose.

The show, also titled “The Four Seasons of R&B”, will be hosted by DuBose himself, and will take viewers on a journey through the history of R&B music from the 1960s through the 1990s, exploring the different periods of genre and the artists who defined each era. The series will feature trivia questions as well that will give viewers a unique and immersive look into the history of this beloved music genre.

Speaking about his new series, DuBose said, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with kweliTV to bring the story of R&B music to life on the small screen. The Four Seasons of R&B is my life’s work and the culmination of years of research and passion for R&B music. I can’t wait for viewers to join me on this journey and explore the history of R&B in a way that’s never been done before”

kweliTV CEO and founder DeShuna Spencer expressed her excitement about the new series. “Black music, particularly R&B, has been the soundtrack in the most pivotal moments in our lives. We’re excited to be working with the esteemed Tyrone DuBose in bringing this exciting, new music series to life to allow viewers to rekindle nostalgia from their favorite musical era.”

While DuBose is the Executive Producer, Michael Blaylock is the Co-Executive Producer of 16th and Broadway productions, as well as Ant Green, of 12th Seed Productions. The book, “The Four Seasons of R&B” recently reached the top five on the Amazon chart for the fifth time in two years. The series will not interfere with the current programs to which DuBose is a contributor, “UNSUNG” on the TV One network, and “Cold Justice” on the ID Channel.

About Tyrone DuBose

Tyrone Dubose/Photo Credit Kathy Chappell Photography

Tyrone DuBose is considered America’s Premier R&B Historian and author with a passion for music that stretches back to his childhood in Cincinnati, Ohio. He is a contributor of UNSUNG on the TV One network and the ID Channel Series Cold Justice.

Proven to be a man of perseverance, Tyrone continued showing his steadfastness by not only maintaining his title of Americas Premier R&B Historian, but he continued to break barriers by becoming an Executive Producer of his pilot Television show, displaying more of his acting skills, making history with winning awards, all while never losing sight of his Cincinnati roots and continuing his mission to empower, uplift, educate, inspire, and entertain the masses. 

Gaining a personal record-breaking fan base, people from all over the world felt/feels connected to Tyrone because of his down-to-earth, approachable personality and his knack for constantly speaking seeds of wisdom. When Tyrone speaks, people listen. Whether hearing his voice on the radio, seeing him on television, or a stage, people are drawn to him, he makes people feel like if he can make it, they can make it too. 

Still adjusting to the world’s “new normal”, Tyrone used every challenge as fuel to drive him to dream bigger, push harder to reach higher accomplishments, and achieve the success he once only dreamt of

Here are just a few highlights of 2022 for Tyrone DuBose :

  • Served for the 8th consecutive year as the host of the 42nd Annual Orange County Black History Parade, sponsored by the Orange County Heritage Council.
  • Released an Amazon Best Seller book, The Four Seasons of R&B- Top 10 Picks of Greatest Singers/Groups 1960-1990. The book reached the top 10 on Amazon twice! 
  • Made history by becoming a 3 time Hollywood African Prestigious Award (HAPA) winner. Tyrone won for his segment of “A Moment in Music History” on the Sheryl Underwood Apple podcast.
  • Continues to rate in the top 5 of bestselling books on Amazon with his first book, The Four Seasons of R&B
  • Started writing The Four Seasons of R&B column for the Official Black Magazine
  • Celebrated 10 years of being a Television Music contributor for TV One’s “UNSUNG”

To learn more about Tyrone visit https://randbhistorian.com/

About DeShuna Spencer

DeShuna Spencer/Photo Credit Lenzy Ruffin

DeShuna Spencer is the Founder & CEO of kweliTV, a digital platform that celebrates global Black stories and amplifies Black storytellers. She’s a former radio host and producer of emPower Hour, a show that examined social justice issues affecting people of color, on DC’s 89.3 FM WPFW. Before becoming an entrepreneur, Spencer served as Director of Communications for EdMarket where she ran the communications department and all media properties for the organization.

A former AmeriCorps VISTA, Spencer graduated from Jackson State University where she studied communications and journalism. She has written for The Clarion-Ledger, The Oakland Tribune, and Crisis Magazine. She is a Halcyon Incubator Fellow, a Voqal Fellow, and a Google NexGen Policy Leader. Spencer was the first-place winner of the 2017 Harvard Business School African Business Conference Pitch Competition. She is featured in the book, “How We Fight White Supremacy” as one of the more than 60+ Black leading organizers, artists, journalists, entrepreneurs, etc., combating white supremacy through their work. In 2019, the Digital Diversity Network named Spencer the Innovation & Inclusion Social Entrepreneur of the Year. Spencer and her company have been featured in Fast Company, CNN Business, TechCrunch, Shondaland, Emmy Magazine, The Root, Blavity, Bloomberg Quicktake, TIME, and more.

  • @kwelitv (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok)
  • @deshuna (Twitter and Facebook)
  • @deshunaspencer (Instagram)

About kweliTV:

kweliTV is a mass media and entertainment company that celebrates global black stories and amplifies black creators representing North America, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, Europe, and Australia through nearly 700 indie films, documentaries, animation, shows, children’s programming, and audio stories as well as immersive and live experiences. To learn more visit-https://www.kweli.tv/

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