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“Bring Him To Me”-A Thrilling Ride


In Theaters February 23rd and Streaming

Reviewed by Joy Parris: Thanks to a sharply written screenplay by Tom Evans and the exceptional direction of Luke Sparke, “Bring Him to Me” is poised to join the ranks of unforgettable classics within the crime film genre. Driver(Barry Pepper), a seasoned operative for the mob, initially views his assignment to collect Passenger(Jaime Costa), a young and unsuspecting new crew member, and bring him to the mob boss( Rachel Griffiths) the formidable and cunning leader of the criminal organization, a role that demands a nuanced performance blending menace, power, and charisma.

However, as they journey together, a surprising dynamic begins to emerge. Despite the ominous circumstances surrounding their meeting, an unlikely camaraderie forms between the two men. This connection is initially forged out of necessity, but gradually, it deepens into a genuine mutual respect and understanding.

‘Bring Him To Me’Jaime Costa and Barry Pepper/Courtesy Roadside Attractions

Passenger, portrayed by Jamie Costa, represents innocence and naivety to Driver’s jaded experience. As Driver( Barry Pepper) becomes increasingly aware of the true nature of their journey—an ambush planned by the mob—he faces a moral dilemma that challenges his loyalty to the mob boss and his long-held beliefs about his place in the world.

The relationship between Driver and Passenger is a pivotal element of the film, illustrating how extraordinary circumstances can lead to unexpected alliances. Their bond is a testament to the film’s underlying themes of morality, loyalty, and the possibility of redemption. As Driver wrestles with his conscience, the influence of Passenger prompts him to reconsider what he values most, leading to a dramatic climax that tests the limits of their relationship.

Bring Him To Me/Sam Neill/Courtesy of Roadside Attractions

Adding to the cast is consummate actor Sam Neill who takes on a pivotal role that enriches the narrative’s complexity and intrigue showcasing a character embedded in a world of terror and violence contributing to the film’s emotional and narrative depth.

Through their interactions, “Bring Him to Me” delves into the complexities of human nature, showcasing the power of empathy and the impact of personal connections in the face of life’s moral quandaries. This evolving bond catalyzes the film’s thrilling conclusion, making the story not just a journey through the criminal underworld, but a voyage into the heart of human resilience and the capacity for change.

‘Bring Him to Me’ stars Barry Pepper, Rachel Griffiths, Jamie Costa, Sam Neill, Liam McIntyre, Jennings Brower, and Zac Garred. Directed by Luke Sparke and written by Tom Evans

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