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‘Stopmotion’-Can one Survive Art?


In Theaters February 23rd Everywhere You Rent Movies March 15th

Reviewed by Joy Parris: In “Stopmotion,” Robert Morgan masterfully intertwines themes of mental anguish and horror, delving into the fragile psyche and the thin line that separates sanity from madness. Through the lens of this gripping narrative, the film prompts us to ponder the age-old question: is life imitating art, or is art imitating life? Regardless of where one stands, Morgan’s exploration makes it clear that the distinction between mental stability and turmoil is often perilously slight. Whether the source of distress is professional pressure, food insecurity, or financial strain, “Stopmotion” ventures deep into emotional and psychological manipulation, showcasing how these forces can shape and distort our realities.

The film follows Ella Blake, portrayed by Aisling Franciosi, a talented stop-motion animator striving to emerge from the shadow of her mother, a renowned figure in the world of stop-motion animation. As her mother’s health deteriorates, Ella’s chance to pursue her artistic vision leads her down a spiraling path where reality becomes increasingly distorted. The narrative is enriched by Morgan’s creative use of stop-motion animation, featuring haunting clay creations and miniature sets that reflect the artist’s tumultuous relationship with her art.

Robert Morgan’s expertise in stop-motion animation is evident, with his ability to capture the demanding nature of the art form through exquisitely haunting visuals and sound design that adds depth to the horror experience. The film’s blend of mediums is highlighted as one of its standout features, with Morgan’s stop-motion creations imbued with a tactile quality that enhances the storytelling.

I applaud Aisling Franciosi’s performance for bringing depth to the familiar narrative of an artist’s descent, delivering a compelling portrayal that bridges the gap between art and artist. While some story elements may be predictable, Franciosi’s nuanced portrayal and the film’s focus on the relationship between the artist and her work are praised for their originality and emotional resonance.

The film is portrayed as an introspective work that reflects on the director’s intimate connection with the art of stop-motion animation, navigating both its trials and triumphs. Morgan’s courage to venture into the dark and grotesque to express the film’s underlying messages results in an impactful and disconcerting viewing experience. Despite some shortcomings in character development, particularly in Tom York’s portrayal, “Stopmotion” emerges as an exceptional first outing for Robert Morgan. It is a compelling recommendation for aficionados of horror and stop-motion animation, marking the film as a noteworthy entry in these genres.

‘Stopmotion’ opens in theaters on February 23rd before making its way to Shudder on May 31, 2024, offering audiences a chance to experience its unique blend of horror, art, and storytelling. 

  • Director: Robert Morgan
  • Genre: Horror
  • Cast: Aisling Franciosi, Stella Gonet, and Tom York
  • Specs: 93 minutes

Robert Morgan was born in 1974. He is a director and writer, known for ABCs of Death 2 (2014), Bobby Yeah (2011), and The Cat with Hands (2001). His feature directorial debut, STOPMOTION will be released by IFC Films on February 23, 2024.

Aisling Franciosi is an Irish-Italian actress, known for The Fall (2013), Game of Thrones (2011), and The Nightingale (2018). She was born in Dublin in 1993, moved with her family to Italy soon after, and returned to Ireland 4 years later with her mother. She attended acting classes as a child and attended Trinity College Dublin, where she majored in French and Spanish. In 2018, she moved to New York

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